Busted in Chicago!


Another source!


And …
is there something new here?

Welcome to Chicago

Bob, I cannot believe your flippant attitude! :shock:
I am shocked that this has happened in our fine city!
We are trying to bring the Olympics here, this type of activity will not be good for us!

Guess they forgot to “kick some points upstairs” - must be rookies! :wink:

Rick, I know it is a Holiday weekend and all, but did you start early.:slight_smile:

Haven,t you heard about the new contest in the Olympics for whom can collect bribes the fastest.

The States Attorney tries to catch you for points.

Rumor has it that its going to be a relay through City Hall. The Mayor obviously won’t be (directly) involved, but A LOT of his “friends” might be!

I hear he will be watching and keeping score, then at the end he gets the medal.

The low lifes are nation wide aren’t they??