Did anyone else, since the middle of last week just get really busy?

I am going to be hammered this week.

need a hand?

Always busy, knock on wood

I have a four point and wind mit vero also

Actually yes John, (praise the Lord) mostly full homes. I didn’t end up doing that one on Sat. She said they didn’t get the offer back. Thanks again for trying to send it my way anyway. How was the Sat. meeting, same size crowd?

Same here. The meeting on Saturday was about 1/2 that of Friday.

Slammed last week, this week has started out a little quiet.

The only thing worse then too much work is…Not enough work!!

It seems we have a spurt of action in home sales in Brevard. It will die out after christmas but I hope it picks up again by February. March, April and May are always best here (typically). Time will tell. Enjoy it while it lasts John, Michelle… make him take you on a three day cruise out of the port when it slows down. God knows he’s gonna have both of you working like mules until July.

You know, a three day cruise does sound pretty awesome…:smiley:
I may have to nag him just a little bit about that…

You do know John all to well. He is ALWAYS thinking and working. :o) It keeps me on my toes!

We’re slammed. Staff handled close to 4,000 emails today.

Hit and Miss…thats what we do

Same here, been that way for 5 years now.

We have not been that busy.