Butthead the electrician

I ain’t never:roll:


Or…Butthead the garage door man !

Somebody fell down on the job. I place the initial blame on the electrician for placing it so close to an opening.

Just when you think you have seen everything :shock: thanks for the giggle :smiley:

perhaps the electrician was Butthead, but the garage door man was Beavis. Still funny!

Haaaa! I just laughed out loud.

yeah, I would recommend the garage door be moved to provide adequate clearance around the electric service!

What about all the Inspectors who said nothing about this .
I wonder why the Towns have inspectors ???

I wonder the same thing. The whole time I am looking at it was wondering how it make it this long? It will probably still be there 20 Years from now:mrgreen:

An easy fix now the panel is accessible .


Here is one from Wednesday’s job this week…had to work the rear panel screws out with my finger tips. It was marginal at construction and the generator switch made it worse.

I see Beavis and Butthead get around:mrgreen: