Buy an infrared camera for $20 down and have no payments until April, 2010.

Took advantage of this offer for an IR camera and a blower door. Steve and Pacific was very easy to work with and fast. No problems - BUT - $20 down may not apply - as always, read the fine print.

Where did you buy your IR camera? ?

Of Course! - Your son took excellent care of me! No charge of nepotism here. :wink:

You said the $20 down did not apply. Can you explain? Did they want more down?

Yup. We did the lease under my son’s credit (which is over 700). The admin fee was $255, with 2 months security payment. Total, about $765. I used to be pretty good with math, but I am sure that $765 is more than $20. And based on my calculations, the interest rate is about 33%. Going to have to pay it off quick.

Owie! :shock:

Oh no - double owie -
Total cost $6500, 48 months, payments $248, total payback $11900. Check my math, 33%. Credit card here I come.

For clarification - Steve and FPF is a broker. It was not his fault. He shops it around to leasing companies. This is what came back. Steve was great to work with, so no complaints about him or FPF.