Buy Back Guarantee Question

I sent a note to Nick about this, but wanted to see what others who use the BBG think about this:

I had a customer ask me the other day if there was a way that he could verify that I was covered by the BBG through InterNACHI. I told him he could email nick at, but that got me wondering: Why not have that as part of the “verification check” on the certification seal like the honor guarantee is? It would make it much more secure (is that the right word?) in the eyes of customers in my opinion.

There is a link to participating members on where they can confirm you are a participating member.

Ahhhh, so there is…:oops:

Where does it show that their “per (every) inspection fee” is all paid up and current?

Since we have no way of knowing how many inspections any participating member is doing, or where they are, we have no way of knowing that they are all being entered. It’s not information we have or have any way of collecting.

One of my competitors just lost a inspection this morning because of my BBG client said they had booked a inspection for next Monday with another inspector but the husband just saw my web page liked the BBG and wanted to use me instead.

Still any chance of being able to enter in more than one address at a time?

Charley writes:

Yep. I get emails from members saying the same thing. It really makes consumers confident that they found a competent inspector.

We also respect our clients right to privacy;-):shock:

Not yet, but that is something our IT Department has been working on.

Thanks Nick.

We’ve been hitting a lot of agents with a powerful marketing campaign based on this ad concept:


So then you’re saying Nick’s statement is only a “half truth”?

No I don’t deal in half truths that must be your thingy:(

Jeffrey, let me explain. We of course know the number of addresses each participating member enters into the Buy Back system and the system won’t allow an address to be entered without collecting $5, but we have no way of knowing the number of inspections a participating member actually performs. How could we? Would we follow participating members with drones to see where they are inspecting?

Also, when I say “address” I mean identifiable portion of an address. We don’t collect full addresses so that our participating members can be confident we don’t sell consumer data. Read

Thanks for confirming my assumption that your reply was only a half-truth, as there is no way for a potential client to verify that any particular member is “in good standing”, and that they are only “enrolled in the program”.


I can solve that by having the Buy Back participation displayed in our members’ webseals (if they are both a certified member in good standing and a participating member in the Buy Back program). It will take me a few minutes to do. I’ll do it now and announce in a separate thread when it’s done.