buy back guarantee

A marketing gimmick, when used by home inspectors, is defined as any service, promise, or guarantee other inspectors offer, that the inspector describing said gimmick, isn’t willing to offer.

Is that Al Capone’s old house?:wink:

Any plans to tie the reporting of address in to ISN? That would be incredibly helpful…

The only issue I have with the buy back guarantee or with most warranties offered out there is the time frame. 90 days from the inspection date is not long enough. A lot of my clients move in 2-3 months after the inspection so there is no time to live in the home before the warranty is up. Makes no sense to me really. warranties should be 120 days.

Most are 90 days from inspection or 21 days after closing.

Greg Mathias incorrectly asserts:

InterNACHI’s Buy Back Guarantee is honored for 90 days after closing.