Buyer beware fbi, inc home inpector ripped me off

Please do not ever hire fbi home inspections, east brunswick, new jersey.
I hired this guy to inspect my second home and all he did was turn on the faucets. He charged me $385 and all i got from him was a nice printed report and a nice reaming!
Buyer beware

Sound like that dude from Pearl River!

I am sorry for your predicament. Was the inspector a member of NACHI?

As with any industry, there will always be quality, professional people and cheap rip-off artists.

I suggest that you contact the New Jersey licensing authority and file a report against this person.

Hope this helps;


What was your criteria for choosing this company? Was it price??? (If so perhaps you got what you paid for.)

According to his website, $385 includes a home inspection, termite inspection, and a radon inspection. My charge for those services would have been $550 for a small home or condo.

The guy looks like a typical “ASHI experience” clown.

Look at his thermal page. Most of the images are not his, and he even has one of mine.

Bet you he has no thermal training or certification.

Will writes: “The guy looks like a typical “ASHI experience” clown.”

ASHI logo = Clown.

Not really.

I know many ASHI guys, around here, who are great inspectors.

But, in my opinion, the “ASHI Experience” PR campaign of some years ago was a big mistake and has actually hurt ASHI. Plus, its attempt to lock up Realtor referrals to ASHI has also failed.

When an inspector relies on this type of PR, rather than doing good, professional work, they are bound to hurt the client.

Hope this helps;

No guess who he is with though and I don’t mean HG that’s just his URL

Someone needs to tell that idiot that his Lic# is not State of NJ License #24G100053900. That G1 needs to be a GI. That is if his Lic. is real! That came from his sample report.

Checklist inspector. No wonder the client feels like they didn’t get their money’s worth.

BILLY! How is that a checklist, not that I am defending the guy, but I have the exact same template. Home gauge gives you options and it does have comments and pictures. Thanks for calling me a cheklist inspector, buddy :slight_smile:

thats funny.

Please read my next post. I do not completely agree with Nick’s opinion about ASHI.

Visit Dale Duffy’s website and compare the two. You will see the difference. Duffy stays extremely busy.

The sample is not a checklist style report. Where RR is checked there is a picture and explanation to accompany it.

This is a checklist report.

They say that one should never criticize their competition. It is usually not good for business. Just because the guy is ASHI does not make all ASHI inspectors bad inspectors.
With the recent jump in INACHI membership in FL (due to legislation) I would venture to say that they are not all going to be good inspectors. Many of them have probably never even completed an inspection. I for one, am tired of the bashing on this board. Both organizations have good inspectors and both organizations have bad inspectors.

Yeah, you need a valid Credit Card! :wink:

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid James.

I prefer InterNACHI flavored Crystal Light. Kool-Aid has way too much sugar. :slight_smile: