Buyer claims roof needs replacing 5 months later

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maybe she is asking if you’re licensed because she wants to hire you to replace the roof.

What good does this do anyone ? I thought these forums were to help people. Your posts are absolutely worthless !


Like to remind Jjonas of the purpose of InterNACHI : Our focus: helping home inspectors succeed.!


I agree. You don’t even mention what the roof-covering material was, what the inspection limiting factors were, you ask for help from inspectors on the message boards but don’t include any photos, you don’t seem to understand what information we need to help you… you don’t come across as very professional.

You think Jeff, Scott, Douglas, and Marc are tough? These are successful, experienced, extremely knowledgeable, long-term posters offering their help for free but not up for coddling (Larry K. is just as knowledgeable but he was born with a sweeter soul than the rest of us). You don’t do anyone any favors on the boards by stroking them. This can be a tough business and if someone asks for help they should be prepared to hear things that they may not want to hear.


I believe these stats say it all…


What that stat says is there are people that actually work and people that spend their time being smart asses on the Forum! You should spend more times being productive !

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Wow your such a valuable asset to the home inspection industry!

Aw, Come on guys, it is better to be slapped around on the forum then in your wallet in the real world, I have been slapped beside the head on the forum a few times, I can handle it, can you? :face_with_head_bandage:


I simply asked an honest question, no holds barred.
Seeing as he has not replied or even returned in 5 days, tells me I got my answer, and we all know which one it is.

Just my opinion, but I would reply with my license credentials (if applicable), and then a series of follow up questions pertaining to how they concluded that the roof needs replacement. Depending on their answers, I would offer to return to the property to either a) see what I missed, or b) defend my report and inspection method. At that time, when you are face-to-face with the client, you have the best chance of making amends or possibly save them from an unneeded roofing job. Either way, you need to stand behind your work or confront a mistake and learn from it.

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That’s exactly what you do. Well said.

Why the beef with not getting up to the roof? I agree the roof should be walked on however seems hypocritical. I don’t often see other inspectors driving around with 24’ extension ladders anymore. Compact vehicles don’t allow it.

Here’s me on Friday. Those two ladders are both less than 3 ft long when retracted. They would fit in the trunk of a Civic or Camry or whatever lady car you drive.
I’m just kidding you.
But seriously, figure it out. Get on that roof and inspect like you have balls.
Again, I’m just kidding around.
Safety first. Be careful.


Gnarly looking chimney crown at the end of that gable.