Buyer claims roof needs replacing 5 months later

Nice eye, August. It sure was.


Nice picture, Bert!

And, what is this (gutter?) doing here, beside collecting leaves?

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Some go rock climbing, Bert goes roof climbing.

The chimney on the right could’ve been a tad taller and without all the tar smeared around it :slight_smile:

Yes, I had a lot of things to say in my report about the roofs and chimneys in that report. I had a nice long discussion with they buyer yesterday (out of state buyer, did not attend)

Larry, the arrow you drew actually points to a small section of roof. Yes, it is unique. Lots of unique features and designs on that house :slight_smile:

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Here is a better view of that goofy little roof under the front deck
Notice the putting green. There was a par 3 fairway and green on this property. The tee box is to my right, out of frame. It was a large estate on the top of a hill. If they fix the 80+ things in my report, it will be a nice place to live :slight_smile: Vacant for a few years.


It’s an overhang for windows below before the deck came in. Why they made it stick ouch few inches on the side is beyond me, silly in fact.

How long did it take to render per Bert’s standard :smiley: curious minds wish to know.

Man, that is odd, Bert! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m trying to get out reports the same day. I’m going back to this house Monday to do a mold test because we found several areas of concern.
I took 2.5 hours with my assistant (5 man hours total) to inspect and spent another 2 hours polishing up the report at home later that night. We had another house to do in the afternoon and I didn’t send their report until the next morning. I spent another hour or so talking and emailing with the customer after he got the report.

We don’t often do two houses in a day this time of year, but in the summer time it is more common for us. Three in one day will happen sometimes in the summer but that is a long work day. 12 in a week is the most I can handle with my current process and amount of things we do on an inspection. I don’t know how some guys can do a house with report in 2 hours.


Bert, I can see that you had your hands full with that one. :grinning:

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Yes, I called out a few things on that chimney. Cracks in the crown, no spark arrestors, rain was going down and had rusted the flue dampers so that they no longer could open and close, to short height over the roof, flashing had some issues.

My wife knows how I like to climb so she won’t let me inspect anywhere more than one story without a safety buddy. One way to keep track of me is to use the drone :slight_smile: None of the top roof was visible from the ground because it is on a hill top (downhill in all directions)

I know what some of you are thinking… why not just use the drone to inspect the roof.

  1. nothing beats close-up inspection with your hands and eyes right there on the roof.
  2. with tree branches overhanging the roof, there were places I found defects that a drone could not safely access
  3. the drone would not have found spongy roofing
  4. I like climbing



Very True, Bert!


I think a single comment template should be created. “Everything at end of life” the end.
Until then the time it takes is the time it takes.

Nah… pictures speak louder than words!!


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