Buyer insurance requirements in south Florida

I have a friend who asked me for advise about a home he is looking at to purchase on Boynton Beach. home was built in 1998 and is 1800 SF and has a Clay tile roof that look in great shape. My question is, will they insure the house if he does not upgrade the windows and doors to impact rated and if he does not add shutters. My understanding is the the premium would just be higher, is this correct.

You can never tell with carriers… … …
Most likely, yes he’ll get killed on the rate 'cause
“one or more glazed openings is not protected”
Could be a discount on the roof, depending on how old.

Send me the address & I’ll send you back a Buildfax permit search :cowboy_hat_face:

7324 Lugano Drive
Boynton Beach

Roof is Clay tile original to house built in 1998

sending you a private message