Buyer was told the basement was 'waterproofed'... REALLY?

Grosse Pointe Park

Dimpled membrane was… ‘placed’ against the wall(s). Anything that does not stick or adhere to the exterior basement wall is not waterproofing. They sprayed or rolled on THIN tar, that equals damproofing, not waterproofing. And another big mistake they made was backfilling with all of the same clay and we don’t doubt those bubbleheads likely charged the sellers more $$$ than we do, can you say scam and incompetence? Huh?

The moron black membrane had a border along the top that had, ummm, nails in it every 1’ or so looolllllllllll

And how about that brick footing for porch. Maybe think about waterproofing, protecting the footings… huh? Sheesh looll