Buyers Beware

I hate to publicly bash any company without just cause, however i do not want any other fellow inspectors to get ripped off like it appears I have.

I ordered the book - (Electrical Inspections of Excisting Residental Dwelling) from Builders Reference

This is a great book for inspectors. I ordered the book one month ago and have not received it. I should have received it 7-10 days after placing my order, I have placed numerous calls to this company and always get a voice recording. I have left numerous messages and nada word from this company, no call backs or returned emails

We are going to try and dispute the charges with our bank and see if we can get our money back. The company withdrew our funds for the book the day we ordered it.

I dont want to see any other inspectors get ripped off from this company and like I said i’m not one to publicly bad mouth anyone without just cause.

What is the company name that you ordered it from?

it is the highlighted link mark.

Ken yes it’s the above link.

I updated my post because i fogot to put the name of the company and there link in the original post.