Buyer's Choice of Maryland Inspectors

I am an HI in Pa and have a family member looking to purchase a home in Maryland. He was told by his bank that he cannot choose his own HI. They told him that they have a list of HIs that they rotate through. I am not licensed in MD, so I would not be able to perform the inspection anyway; however, it strikes me as being odd that he cannot choose his own inspector. I would appreciated any comments from Maryland HIs out there. Thanks.

Sounds wrong to me.

MD HI Licensed

Ask (call) Kevin,
He is in Montgomery Co. Md.

Thats **BS **no law in MD like that on home inspectors now home appraisers that would be yes tell your friend his agents blowing smoke :shock:

never heard of this…sounds like BS. I do know in De, some banks or lenders programs require ASHI inspections or iNACHI if 250 inspections have been verified,


He absolutely has a right to choose his own Home Inspector provided that the Home Inspector is Licensed in MD.

My first question is why would his “Lender” be recommending HI’s? Is this a short sale or foreclosure (bank owned property). I could see the lender using a list of “approved” appraisers, but not Home Inspectors.

Have him give me a call. 301-942-4610.


The lenders Brother/Uncle is probably a Home Inspector.

Sounds less than ethical, at giving the benefit of the doubt that the lender/broker/rep. was told this and this is first job in the RE industry…and that’s giving a lot, maybe the lender didn’t know any better.

Still might leave me concerned as to whether I should be getting my financing from this person.

“Yes, ALL these office fees are necessary by law too, it’s the law here to charge 6 points up front”… you never know. Would be a red flag for me.