Buyers Consultation

I have been asked by several Realtors if I would consider doing a Buyers Consultation “Walk-Through inspection” for them. I haven’t done one yet, not sure how ethical it would be for a InterNachi inspector to do a Buyers Consultation.
What is your guys thoughts on this subject?

Use the search feature in this forum, there are many recent threads on the subject. It is a big can-o-worms

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I never did them in my career because they can be “he said, she said” type of problems. And, I worked hard for my $ and wanted to keep it…still do… :rofl:


lots of inspectors are doing them, to me it seems like additional liability, with a shorter or no report , you will be unable to prove what you said, which will be bad for you in court. My largest concern is if inspectors do a cheaper inspection now, how will you ever get them to pay full price later, so you will always be a discount inspector, a poor mans business plan.


I do them and wear a body camera. Nachi has a walkthrough agreement you can use.

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It has its risks. It will be a personal decision for each inspector to consider those risks and mitigate them as much as possible.

I used to do them, not anymore. Not worth it to me. However, in the past I would take photos and make notes on my talking points for my records. I did not share my notes or photos.

Walk thru(s) are what we did back in the 70s when there was no inspection industry. Back then we did them as a favor for the realtor who sold the homes we built for re-sales. Maybe got paid 50$, i don’t what to go backwards!

I do walk through consultations all the time … right after I do a full inspection with a full inspection price tag. :laughing: