Buyers does own mold inspection

If I was hired to do a home inspection. Also offered my services for the mold inspection. The buyer declined the mold inspection because they decided to do an emery mold test.

Results came back, and the seller is calling me asking me questions about the mold results.

Am I breaking SOP If I assist the sellers with a mold inspection.

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I think you mean breaking the COE (Code of Ethics).

Have him pay you a dollar and sign the mold agreement, if that’s what you want to do…is help him.

Edit: The below comments are a serious concern, Michael. I was assuming that you were just interested in helping your buyer client and would do your own mold test…My Bad for assuming.

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Michael, welcome to our forum!..where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

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Tell him to hire his own mold person for testing and advice. You did not perform the test and have no first hand knowledge, nor are you the seller’s consultant. I certainly wouldn’t offer my services to the seller as I will only ever represent one party in the transaction.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you with your mold questions. I did not perform the mold testing on your home and I’m not in position to offer you advice on the matter. I would advise you to engage a qualified mold consultant of your choice to advise you regarding any questions you may have regarding mold.”


I wouldn’t worry about the SOP, I’d worry about shooting myself in the foot! If you make representations about a mold test you didn’t do it could come back to haunt you, and the buyer may have a legal case against you.

There is plenty of mold misinformation on the internet. Don’t get involved.


Totally agree with Bob! If you start answering questions then you MAY become liable, down the road.


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Thank y’all for the guidance.

I haven’t answered any questions from the seller. They have requested mold inspection pricing from me though.

This above and especially the bold unless you want to open a can of worms!

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Michael, The above comments are a serious concern. I was assuming that you were just interested in helping your buyer client and would do your own mold test…My Bad for assuming. Sorry.

Imo you would have a conflict of interest, a term used frequently on the MB, often incorrectly. You would be representing both sides of a transaction.


You are correct. I would perform my own inspection. I haven’t given any advice on the other report.

I wanted to make sure there isn’t a conflict since I had performed a home inspection for the buyer.

But yes. I would be performing my own inspection and sending it out pro lab for results.

Thank you for the additional information

Mike Smith

I agree with everything above, for both ethics and liability reasons, plus, the protocols followed during sampling are important and you have no control over what the client did.
If I were a seller I wouldn’t be too open to negotiating points related to sampling done by the buyer. I’d need to see the results of professional (neutral third party) sampling before I considered making allowances for the results.

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Mike, I was thinking it was for your buyer client. Again, my bad, I should have stayed in bed on that question. I looked and saw buyer for the asking party. :hot_face: