Buyers move in, get water in lower level. Seller did not disclose anything

Buyers also had home inspected, used a realtor recommended HI

Now dug out, see the open holes and bricks/ledge below grade etc, this is where water first entered. Installing any type of interior system and sump does not stop water from entering these exterior openings, would not stop/prevent mold, efflorescence etc

home inspector said nothing about the caulk, obviously not a Nachi inspector, got milk?

inside the lower level, the seller painted over the bricks but efflorescence was clearly visible but home inspector didn’t say a word

Efflorescence on bricks (paneling now off a couple areas), efflorescence where some rod holes are now visible, see the tack strip, seller LIED, period end of story!

So we look in back and see some sort of vertical bs on poured foundation wall ABOVE grade, get a closer look…

Sure enough, seller sealed over the TOP part, the above grade part of a vertical crack in foundation wall, tried to hide-conceal the existing defect, no doubt. Home inspector said nothing about this either, hmmmm.

Had this home inspector done a better job, he would have saved the buyers a few thousand dollars minimum as they could have bid a bit less because there were existing defects that obviously needed to be repaired/waterproofed.

Mother’s little helper/‘Stones … Mother needs something today to calm her down’