Buyers were told new insulation was added to the attic.

They used the “tossing like hay bale” installation method… Reason #134 to get a home inspection.

As you become a veteran inspector, you will learn never to listen to what a buyer tells you prior to being hired, and any seller disclosure. You observe, report, take pictures, document, present, inform the buyer, let them decide. Do not alarm the buyer. Just inform them. Too many inspectors make the mistake of “Oh, geez. Someone did not install this insulation properly. What a dumby”.

Be professional, non-biased, do not show emotion either way. As you do more inspections, nothing will ever surprise you.

Nice job!

Well, it *is *fluffy!

whats the total R-value of that?

Did you do a level l , level ll or a level lll blower door analytic evaluation to find that insulation :D:D


Id give it somewhere between R5 and R75, depending on the pile.

I agree. I you don’t, at least once a day, ask yourself:

WTF where they thinking, you just ain’t doing it right.

Any compitent insulation contractor, these days, must also be a qualified building envelope consultant. Just my opinion. Most don’t have ANY freakin’ clue!

Hope this helps;

Thanks for the pics. This made my day. I hope this wasn’t installed by a professional.:wink:

I hope not. :slight_smile:
The Real Estate listing even mentioned the attic was re-insulated in 2010…:wha?:

Do you mind if I “borrow” the pics to add to my “not what to do” folder?

Sure, go ahead. Send me an email if you want originals.