Buying a home may never be any less expensive.

Buying a home may never get any cheaper than this. Several housing experts are predicting that this year will be the last chance for bargain hunters to cash in on the best deals of the weak housing market. With home prices down 34% nationally since 2006 and mortgage rates at historic lows, homes have never been more affordable – but it won’t stay this way for much longer. Stuart Hoffman, chief economist for PNC Financial Services, said he expects home prices to flatten out by the third quarter and start climbing by next year. Trulia’s data shows that the national average for asking prices already increased 1.4% in the first quarter of 2012, compared with the last three months of 2011.

I see it popping soon also.
Might end up saving Obamas a-s but we shall see.

No one is running against him in 2012. Republicans picked Bob Dole again.

We all better hope you are wrong about Romney.

Can you imagine what will happen to house prices if Obama gets reelected?

It is a beautiful summer day in Chicago (80’s) and on my way home noticed all the new construction of hi rises which is impressive.
Took some shots of boats and double Decker buses filled with tourists and passed a few mounted police.
The parks on the lakefront are looking special and it makes you think how amazing it is to live in an actual city that is not trashed with garbage flying around.

Things are not all that bad yet.


What’s the difference between Obama and Romney? I don’t see too much.

Mr. Obama is a republican plant so not much difference at all…