Buying a new PDA phone need advice

Hey Guys,

I’m in the market for a new PDA phone and feedback from those who already have them.

I’m using AT&T wireless.

I’m looking at this Blackberry

One set back is it seems it would NOT allow me to check my Windows Mail (outlook mail). Are there any phones that would allow me to access my Windows Mail?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I do not yet have a PDA phone, but I just spent 2 weeks with a family member researching them. Two pieces of advice…

First, go into the AT&T Store and look at all they have to offer. Touch/feel all the different phones. The info you see online, doesn’t always compute to what is in your hand. Talk to the salespeople. It is amazing all the choices. Also, the physical quality of many phones is not what you would expect based upon their prices.

Second, go to before you change/buy. They have the same phones (except iPhone…exclusive to AT&T Stores) but at MUCH better deals than AT&T online or in store.

Hope this helped…

PS… She went with the Blackberry Curve, and she loves it. Lots of work setting it up, but she’s happy.

I use the Blackberry curve for a year now and am happy with it.
Lots of software can be used to do what you want.
It can also be used as a modem.
Some other models also use a windows platform.
You can look into those.

Agree, same here, BB Curve is great. One thing I like is if someone uses my website to book an inspection, the email is pushed to my phone. Like always being in the office even when you are not;-)

Ditto the Blackberry. I also have internet access for my laptop to go online anytime I’m away from my PC.

Ray, why do you think it won’t allow you to check your email? I’m pretty sure that every blackberry out there has the capability to hook up to a pop server and download email.

Agree. I get my Gmail and Vista Windows Mail with no problems.

Ray, the link you posted doesn’t take us to the phone. What was the model and I’ll look it up.

I punched in the SKU # in his link and it is the Curve 8310.

Thanks Robert.

Ray it should work perfectly fine:

Like all BlackBerrys, the 8310’s e-mail handling is sublime. You get lightning-fast push e-mail out of the box, with support for Web-based mail, POP/IMAP, and BlackBerry e-mail accounts, not to mention integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and even Novell GroupWise. As always, its BlackBerry OS is fast, responsive, and streamlined, but third-party app support is still scarce. The built-in browser is passable, but I also loaded Opera Mini, which rendered miniature versions of full Web pages that I could zoom in on and read. You can use the 8310 Curve as a tethered laptop modem as well, though you’ll quickly lose patience waiting for its glacial EDGE radio to deliver information.

I, also, have the Blackberry Curve. Like, Jeffrey said, never buy your phones through the AT&T store. They had the Curve for $270.00 w/ a two year agreement. My wife and I bought ours at Sam’s Club for $47.00 each w/ two year agreement.


I bought a BB Curve through my $35.00 membership with Quixtar and got it free with rebate. Good phone. The only thing bad about BB is if the scroll button is tapped a few times in your pocket it will call 911, even if you lock your keys. Sad but true.
I bought my girlfriend an I-Phone for Christmas. Can do a lot more with it. Easy to use. Will be my next phone.

I’ve got the Curve 8320 with the Wi-Fi feature. I love it. I use Outlook email with mine, so that is not an issue.

Thanks for all the replies.

After a little more research and reviews I’m leaning toward the Apple I Phone.

It’s a bit more costly (I see no huge discounts). Can’t get insurance through AT&T… but it seems like it can do it all, easy usability, and just about an app for anything you can think of. Plus there’s no charge for the GPS, but on the Blackberry they charge $10 per month for GPS.

Anyone have feedback on the I phone?

I had the BlackJack II for a couple of years with GPS…It worked great for what I was use to before…but then came the I Phone…I now have the second generation I phone and all I can say is wow!! The email and internet capabilities are awesome it is just like haveing your desk top or lap top in the palm of your hand, smooth scrolling. The apps you mentioned are pretty good to, zillow is one I use all the time (sq ft year built info). The gps for the Iphone is not a talking turn by turn GPS. I thought I would hate the google maps compared to the balckjack GPS, but now that I have been using it I really like it and it is way faster than the gps on my blackjack. The google maps works really well when you need a phone # as well. Instead of calling 411, just punch in the name and it will give you the pone #, address and website (if applicable)…In fact the google maps app. on the Iphone has found addresses that the GPS on my wifes blackjack could not find. The blackjack II is the only PDA smartphone I have owned (I still have two replacing soon with Iphones) As far as Blackberrys go I have never owned one so I cannot compare the Iphone to them but I am very happy with mine and changing my wifes and receptionist over to Iphones As soon as their contracts are up…You had mentioned no insurance for the Iphone infact they do $69 through apple care, they will replace the phone one time during a two year period at the same cost that you paid for it ($199) normal replacement cost is around $599 I believe.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info Mike H. :slight_smile:

So I’ve heard many good things about the I Phone and Blackberry.

Anyone have more feedback? Or happen to have owned a Blackberry and I Phone?

I’m still split. Blackberry = less money up front and I Phone I think is more advanced for all around use…

I’ve heard that Verizon is negotiating a deal to also sell the Iphone.

I have the Blackberry curve 8330 with the Sprint Simply everything package I like it Free email. Unlimited calls (domestic and LD), freeText (Picture and Video), free Sprint Navigator , Sprint TV, (Sprint Music= $ downloads), free Mobile browsing, for $99 a month.

I absolutely love my iPhone. And all things Apple.

Punted my PC a year ago and have never been happier.

"I absolutely love my iPhone. And all things Apple."

Wow! Who would have thought that Joe was a cult follower !!

Watched my Berry 8330 slide down a roof and fall two stories onto a concrete patio last week. When I got down off the roof it was ringing . . . . . someone trying to sell me cell service.