Buying Flir Cameras on Amazon VS Inspector Outlet

So I’m looking at purchasing a Flir thermal camera through my Amazon business account VS the inspector outlet store but wanted to see if there’s really any pros or cons in not buying from the inspector outlet. Any feedback would be great thanks

Which camera are you looking at?

Been going back & forth on the more compact C5 or the TG 267 for about a week now. I’ve decided to go with the TG 267

Does this help for Inspector Outlet

FLIR Infrared Cameras, 10% off of MSRP

All FLIR Infrared Cameras are 10% off of MSRP for InterNACHI members. Either click the link below to have the discount applied during the checkout process, or use the following coupon code in the shopping cart to receive the discount: Flirinfrared10


It does although I’m able to get the same discount through Amazon plus with my Prime I get free shipping that’s mainly why I was considering it.


So, bottom line, does anyone have experience with Inspector Outlet and having to return something or get it replaced via warranty? I was wondering the same thing, since Amazon is often just a tad cheaper than Inspector Outlet, especially with Prime free shipping.

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I can’t speak for returning something, but replacement via warranty would come directly from Flir. I just had one replaced and they just needed my receipt showing I purchased from an authorized dealer.