BX type loops

I found the attached conditions in a pro-code, pro-union condo.
I would appreciate any comments on these installations to see if I handled them the correct way.

Cable attached to EMT at drywall and looped loosely to pump, disposal and furnace. Disposal came through a hole in the cabinet floor so I can’t see where it originated.


drain copy.JPG


You didn’t say how you handled them, but the fact that you took pictures seems to indicate that you probably handled them correctly.

Thanks for your vote of confidence Russel.

I suggested the one under the sink be refereed to an electrician to secure the cable away from the drains. Same for the one resting on the pump, gas line and behind the flue. Secure it away from contact with these components.
I do think the EMT should terminate in a box with the armored cable attached to the covered box and secured to the wall within 12" of the box.
Every time the pump starts and stops the two loops jump and swing. This can’t be good for the wires inside the metal jacket.
I think they could be stabilized to the water pipe.
You could here pops and clicks in the built-in stereo system when the water was turned on and off.

Whenever I find loose wires, cables, etc., I always recommend that they be secured. There are many, many horror stories about children and pets getting caught in the wires and cables and strangling to death. It happened to my best friend at the time when we were ten years old. And after that I hate watching movies where someone gets strangled with a piece of wire or clothesline or something. Just creeps me out.