Bye Uncle Frank

My fathers brother, Francis Kelly, Marine combat veteran pacific theater WWII, passed away at his favorite Salmon fishing area early this am on Vancouver Island in Canada. His mother and grandmother were from Canada. No services to be held.

See ya Uncle Frank, and thanks for all the memories.:smiley:

ps do not go to Vancouver Island to fish for Salmon, because as my Uncle Frank would be the first to tell you, he caught all the Salmon years and years ago.:wink:

I’m very sorry. I’m glad he made it out of the Pacific theater to get some fishin’ in. God Bless him.

He was a hoot Nick and not a bad shot at 83 with his Marine issue 45.

Liberal as the day is long, never saw a Japanese prisoner during the war, and was happy we dropped the bomb when we did.

My condolences Brian!:frowning:

Sounds like you had a great Uncle Brian. Sorry for his passing, even though it was at his favorite place.

Thanks for the tip on Vancouver Island. :slight_smile:

Ditto, Brian I’m sorry to hear that

I know some will find the above in poor taste, I hope BK doesn’t ( I suspect he won’t) I am sorry for your loss mate.

Be well, be safe.


:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good, RIP Mr. Francis Kelly

Brian, next time I’m in AZ I’ll promise to help you toast him.


Sounds like he had a full happy life Brian. My condolences go out to you.

Brian… sorry for your loss. At least he passed doing what he loved!

Gerry… talkin about bad taste. You don’t cremate someone after they’re planted!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sorry Brian)

Deepest Condolences Brian. When I take the boat up to to Ketchikan next year, I will raise a toast as I pass through the inside passage.

Sorry about your loss my friend.


I am sorry for your loss and … May your Uncle Frank rest in peace!

God knows that as a Combat Veteran he deserves it!

Last week I met a fellow Army Veteran Combat Veteran who was captured in the Philippines and spent 40-months in a Japanese prison camp.

He told me that the memories, dreams, and nightmares never go away.

May your Uncle Frank as a Combat Veteran finally get the Peace that he deserves.

Thanks Brian for sharing what a fine man he was.

My condolences Brian.

Sounds like he was quite a guy Brian…peace for Both of you my friend…jim

Sound’s your uncle was a fine man.

Nice that you honor him here.

Keep the faith…

Sorry Brian, he sounds like a great man.

Sorry to hear of that Brian and as others have said, it sounds like he was quite the man.