Byelections in Ontario Feb 13th

This could change Ontario Future ???

Liberal, PC seats on the line in Ontario byelections in Niagara Falls, Thornhill


he Canadian Press
Published Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:31AM EST
TORONTO – The New Democrats have nothing to lose and everything to gain in two Ontario byelections today because they didn’t hold either Niagara Falls or Thornhill.
The NDP are in a close race with the Progressive Conservatives in Niagara Falls, even though the riding had been Liberal for the past decade.
The two opposition parties have virtually ignored the Liberals as they attack each other’s candidates in Niagara Falls.

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The other byelection in the north Toronto riding of Thornhill is a two-way contest between the governing Liberals and the Conservatives, who had held the riding.
Premier Kathleen Wynne says people know they can vote against the Liberals in the byelections without changing the status of the minority government.
Wynne also says the outcomes won’t change her plans to introduce a budget, and rejects suggestions she’d want to call a spring election if the Liberals manage to take both ridings.
PC Leader Tim Hudak is under pressure to hold Thornhill, but if the Tories can also take Niagara Falls party insiders expect the NDP will quickly strike a budget deal with the Liberals to avoid a spring election.
However, if the Conservatives should lose both byelections, there will be extra pressure on NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to stop propping up the minority government and trigger an election.
More than 10,000 people cast votes in advance polls in the two ridings.
The polls close at nine o’clock tonight.

In Niagara Falls, the resident liberal MPP Kim Craitor was allegedly ousted by the liberal party. His only statement was that he had turned 70 and was retiring.

He has subsequently thrown his weight behind the NDP candidate of Facebook, choosing not to offer the same support to the Liberal candidate.

I wonder what message that is sending? :smiley:

Roy, I suspect that Wynne won’t call an election until she is forced to. It’s unlikely given the negativity that the Liberals would be returned to power in a popular vote, so my opinion is that she will want to hang onto her “gift” position as long as possible, using whatever excuse she can come up with, even if the Libs lose both by-elections badly.

I suspect she might just call an election if their band of thieves win one or both ridings.

But it is clear they will spend what ever they have to to win and I’m sure there will be lots of idiots that will still vote Liberal.

People of this Province will be totally screwed if the Liberals don’t get wiped out in the next election.


Liberals motto - Tax and Spend.
Time for change.
Their policies are driving manufacturing jobs out of Ontario.

Well my bet is the Liberals will have no option but to call an election. Niagara lost to NDP and the Conservatives got the other seat in Thornhill.

Not a ringing endorsement for the Liberals!

The future looks bad for The Ontario Government now.

Can’t understand why anyone would vote for the NDP, but it could be argued as to why anyone would vote for the conservatives.

As for me I am sticking with the Conservatives. You can be sure if the NDP gets elected your taxes will increase to pay for all those socialist values they hold dear to the heart.

Look at Bob Rae and his dismal governance when the NDP.

The reason why I believe Wayne Gates, NDP got in in Niagara is he is a Union Man, and on speaking to him personaly he comes across as a decent person.

In the Niagara Region most of the work was manufacturing until the liberals got in, now we have one of the highest unemployment rates this side of Toronto.

His campaign staff were shipping people to the polling stations, pretty much like how the Unions ship people to strikes.

Apart from the robo calls, which were getting really annoying, I never heard much from the Bart Maves or Joyce Morroco.

I voted independent.

Well if hydro rates continue to increase by 30% + over the next three years you can bet there will be further job losses.