CA Codes

The 2007 CA Building Codes [effective Jan. 1, 2008] are available online, for those who wish to preview or download them.

This link was given to me by Carl Brown (our resident stucco man). Thanks Carl.

I paid almost $1,000 for these same references, so this is a great resource for CA inspectors.

Thanks Jeff. And Carl!

Jeff and Carl,
Thaks for the great link! I always wondered why we had to pay for what should be public domain.
I was thinking about forking over the $$ when I saw this post.

Thanks again!

Jeff and Carl,
Thank you for that link. The website is a great resource as I live on codes (I know…get a life…lol)
I do have access to title 24 but I downloaded all of it and will come in quite handy.

I am new to NACHI and wish to expand what I already do for a living by stepping into residential home inspections as part time at first. I hope we all can benefit from each others knowledge.
I have already been involved in home inspections before but in a different capacity.
I presently work for a private engineering firm as a special inspector as an AWS CWI (American Welding Society, Certified Welding Inspector QC-1)
I also have an ICC residential inspection cert.
I primarily focus on schools and hospital construction on all the structural steel bolting and welding. I also would like to offer my imput to anyone coming across siemic upgrades on homes or any structural steel issues you may come upon. Many higher end homes will have some form of steel columns or beams related to siesmic construction.
I also have a link for everyone in ca. that comes in quite handy from time to time:


Stan Kmitt
Insight Inspections III

Jeff and Carl,
I wish to thank you for that link as I live on codes. I downloaded them all. (I know…get a life…lol)
I am new to NACHI and find the resources incredible. I hope we can all benefit from each others experiences and knowledge.
I am presently already working as an inspector for a private engineering firm and wish to expand my credentials
I am a AWS CWI ( American Welding Society, Certified Welding Inspector QC-1).
I also hold an ICC residential inspector cert.
My primary focus is on school and hospital construction as I oversee the bolting and welding of all the structural steel.
I hope I can offer any information to anyone who may need some additional info in these areas, as a lot of higher end homes are being framed with steel columns and beams conforming to seismic codes, whether is it new construction or retro-fitting.

I also wish to share a website that has come in quite handy from time to time in ca.


Stan Kmitt
Insight Inspections III
Castro Valley Ca.


Thanks, Carl and Jeffrey for sharing the link. It is indeed a very useful resource.

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Thank you to both Jeff and Carl.

Yes, we have some different codes here in California.

Certain requirements even vary from city to city.