Cable terminations

How do you guys report on this? Should an electric cable to nowhere be terminated in a box?

Even if the wire isn’t hot, it could become so by something as simple as flipping a breaker, so I usually don’t even test them to see if they are hot.


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Any wire like that within the dwelling should terminate into a junction box. Always report wires like this with a picture and reference to them needing to be terminated within a box or enclosure.

However I would suggest you TICKER it…because if it is LIVE…you only compound the potential hazard associated with it and this is something your client will want to be aware of…most certainly if they have children as well.

For those who have their minds in the gutter, Paul is saying use a ‘voltage tick’ or use a ‘non-contact voltage detector’. Some even call it a ‘hot stick’, but linemen will smack you, rightfully so, for calling them that.

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lol…you dog…lol…I was really saying to “Tickle” it Tom…lol…it might BITE ya…

But I like YOUR explanation better…:slight_smile:

Paul, I call them out–say they should be terminated in a box or removed (even if de-energized). Just wondering how others saw it.


‘Tic tracer’ was the original model developed by TIFF instruments:

Even the more common Fluke 1AC-A1 is often referred to as a ‘tic tracer’, even though it’s not the real one.

Yep…now technically they dont have to remove the wires…if abandoned…unless as it stands now…it deals with communication wires and a few other areas.

But mainly…as you said, inform them it needs to be terminated in an enclosure as you already do…yep I see it ALOT…mainly in attics.

But basically…for example romex would not have to be removed if abandoned…BUT it needs to be terminated in a box and remain accessible.

Now their are other ares that would require the removal but they really dont apply here as they mainly deal with regards to audio signaling, class 2 wiring and communication wiring as well as fiber options…which is quite ironic if you think about it.

Oh…I got the “TICKLER” on the bottom…:slight_smile: