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I have an agent wanting copies of my CABO certification, insurance. business license. What do you send to prove CABO certification. ???


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Better late than never!! You've probably gotten your answer by now, but if not; I believe the International Code Council (ICC) residential one and two family dwelling inspector certification is what they are refering to.

Now it is the International Residential Code (IRC) certification. Consists of 50 questions, open book and has a 2 hour (I believe) time limit. Of course it is all code question related so you have to be extremely familiar with the codes.

If you are looking to obtain this certification, you can check out the website. The test is around $85 (I think) and is given at various locations throughout each state.

Be aware that currently if you sign up to take the exam, you will be tested on the most current version of the IRC code (2003). If you are familiar with the 2000 IRC, the 2003 has changes to it and they are indicated in the book by bold, vertical lines next to the codes.

Anyway, hope that helps you out!