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Nick, maybe your lawyer should send them a note about discrimination?

Personally I think any Nachi member who has bought a ticket should ask for a refund. Its apparent Nachi members are not welcome.


I have a feeling no one has bought a ticket yet looks like they forgot to put in a registeration system.
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]

CAHPI is please to recognize the ongoing suport of Canada Mortgage and Housing for our Annual Conference. Please visit their booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Dear Home Inspectors
The 2007 National Conference is approaching and the 2007 Conference Committee is well aware that all of
the necessary information to register and plan your journey to and from has been slow in coming. Apology
offered, that oversight is being corrected so expect a small flurry of announcements over the next week or so.
Early Bird Registration Extended:
To start things off though please be aware that the Early Bird Registration has been extended through to
October 15th, [FONT=Verdana]2007 so that’s a decent saving to help you make your commitment, click on
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana][size=2]; then click Registration to complete our on-line, inter-active registration form.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

**Cancellation made on or before Friday November 2, 2007 will receive a refund of the fees paid less $150.00 + GST administration fee.

Cancellation made after November 2, 2007 are non-refundable.**

Gee OAHI really is hungry they keep $51;00 more to not attend then NACHI charged those who attended the best HI Conference ever held in Toronto.
$150:00 as $99;00.

Ray, you can call Lisa direct and find out who she called.

Bill Mullen has been helping me this morning regarding this issue. He is always very helpful to NACHI behind the scenes. Whenever there is a problem, he is the first to email me with some solutions. This has been going on for years.

One of my problems is that I feel funny about crashing someone else’s party if you know what I mean, so don’t expect us to go unless someone clearly says they want us to come.


I don’t think Bill carries any more sway then I do with CAHPI-OAHI. :wink: Nice of him to try though.

Anyway I think you are right NACHI would be a party crasher. Why would they let the competing association draw interest and draw some OAHI members into NACHI. You know how they feel about that dual membership thingy. :wink:

None the less the message is very clear, CAHPI-OAHI does not want anything to do with NACHI. That has been made very clear by Mr. Lloyd and party.

I wonder if they permitted ASHI a booth?

Thanks Nick and Bill,


I likely have even less influence than you with the provincial association in Ontario and we both know why.

However, Nick and I are after bigger fish than that. I still carry a lot of clout in some circles and I’m not afraid to use it if I think it will help our industry.

Bill Mullen
**CAHPI National **Past President

They always let ashi members attend at the OAHI members prices before and expect it is still that way.

… Cookie

That’s because there is an agreement in place between CAHPI and ASHI similar to the one I have been encouraging NACHI to work with us on. I predict we will see some movement on both sides soon. Nick and I are both just crazy enough to pull something out of a hat.

Bill Mullen RHI

Good luck I wish you all the best .
I am sure others will know more then I but I thought that OAHI has had a relationship from before OAHI ever got started , many inspectors where members of ASHI then and some still are to this day.

I do not know how much more fair NACH could be .
they allowed all OAHI members to come to the Toronto Conference at The lowest rate .
They have allowed OAHI members to take any of the NACHI courses at the NACHI rates ( Example mould and others ) .
NACHI allows OAHI members to visit and use the NACHI web site.
… Cookie


Your constant repetition of the same things over and over does not help any of us who are trying to work together. It’s hard to get any respect from anyone when you are constantly poking them in the eye with a stick. Some of us are, as Nick said, really and truly trying to make changes happen, so cut us a bit of slack.

OAHI had an early relationship with ASHI and still does. However, there are more recent agreements between ASHI and CAHPI National and those are similar to what NACHI might be able to arrange. Nothing is impossible, but some things can be darn challenging. I know you have faith in Nick, even if you doubt my intentions.

Bill Mullen RHI

Thank for your lession in etiquette You must have Cam Helping you as you sure do not use any your self.
If and when you wish to treat me with respect you can be sure I will give you the same .
I expect the only thing you can find wrong with my last post is the final 6 letters on it .
Any time you see the word Cookie you feel it is instant trouble .
I support NACHI fully all the way.
If you would just give NACHI and its members respect then you will not have to ask you too will be treated with respect.
It is you who called me a liar many times before I got fed up now when I give you back just a small amount of your actions you can not take it.

… Cookie

For all those watching Roy throw away your chance to help Nick and me accomplish something, I rest my case.
I will continue to work with Nick but I am asking some of you to please ask Mr. Cooke to tone down the rhetoric. Feel free to let me know how you all feel. If you want me to just drop these ideas that Nick and I have and go away, say the word…but remember that you will also be saying the same thing to Nick.

Bill Mullen RHI

You and Nick may be working on something but whether NACHI members accept it is another story. As they say don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
Roy doesn’t throw anything away for anybody, again that is left to the individual to decide to throw away an opportunity.

Many members have expressed their opinion about the National in the poll.

Now if you want to bring some more enticements to the table to sweeten the deal or lure NACHI members in we are all ears. :slight_smile:

I have not said a word about ‘luring’ NACHI members anywhere. You don’t even know what ‘deal’ we are working on. There should be no need or desire to ‘sweeten any deals’ because we’re simply discussing some agreements to help the industry, with no losers but many winners. The NCP may or may not be included, but it is certainly not the highest priority or even one of our goals.

Apparently my help is not needed or wanted. I shall advise Nick immediately. Too bad too, because he and I had high hopes. Neither he nor I have the time to work on something that isn’t needed or wanted.

I had hoped to get some NACHI membership input into many facets of what might happen, but you obviously don’t feel that’s necessary.

As usual you and Roy have spoken for the other 9998 NACHI members and I will honour that. Certainly not one of them has questioned your right to speak for them. I don’t want or need any confrontations, especially when I’m once again trying to be helpful.

We might get some good things done, but there’s not much reason to keep you informed since you have no use for anything we might develop.

Bill Mullen RHI

For God’s sake Bill, grow the hell up.

Originally Posted by rcooke
*And still it goes on ,It is obvious they have complete Lack of Confidence in them selves and their association so they feel the only thing is to Attack NACHI and those NACHI Canadian Members who support NACHI and all it does for all Home Inspectors inside and out side NACHI.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member*

Roy, you lying old fool.

The word NACHI hasn’t even been mentioned on the Canuck Forum in over a week. The Canuck members are there to discuss Home Inspecting, not to waste time trying to badmouth anyone and anything as you seem compelled to do here.

If you were honest even a bit, you would mention that I have promoted the Convention to the members and some others have also encouraged attendance. Never once has anyone called anyone else an idiot for wanting to attend, as you have stated. Sure, a couple people don’t like the idea, but that’s their God-given right.

Since you seem intent on convincing Nick that there is some truth to your lies, I am opening the Canuck Forum to him so he can view all of the messages for the last year. He will be able to see for himself that as usual you have been spewing nothing but hateful lies.

You are an evil, dishonest person. You try to hide behind the ‘right to free speech’ but that doesn’t give you the right to lie and slander people. I and many others have had just about enough out of you.

Bill Mullen___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For clarification, that message with my name on it above is half a year old, yet Roy tries to make it look like I just sent it.

I’m just amazed that you people refuse to help your leader Nick when he wants to help you achieve some great new goals. However, that’s your right.

It’s also my right to stop trying to make a difference.

Carry on gents, you’re just getting warmed up. Many others will join me and enjoy watching your tirades against someone who has tried to help you. It really makes NACHI look professional.

You continue to complain to other organizations about how CAHPI mistreats you, yet you slap down anyone who tries to help. They see that and know immediately that your complaints are unfounded.

Bill Mullen RHI

Another of Bills post below date is attached to this one .
He seems to have a phobia with what associations I belong too.
4/15/07, 11:53 AM
Bill Mullen

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Re: Bill Mullen as our keynote speaker yes or no?
Originally Posted by rcooke
*Thanks for your offer Bill but I am in the wind down time in my life. *
I also want to put my efforts into helping the fastest growing Home Inspector Association in Canada.
*OAHI /CAHPI had their chance and like many others ,can see it was going no where . *
In spite of wwhat you say they are completly stagnated and really are a closed door Group.
There are a great many good members but when they try to help it is ignored.

Roy Cooke ,National Certification,CAHPI-On,CMI,RHI,CHI,ASHI,FNNBOA.
And a happy NACHI member

Our native friends will be interested to see that you are now one of their members. I guess you won’t mind if I verify your membership with FNNBOA? They are very obsessed with protecting their membership.

Bill Mullen

I wonder where all this information is Bill has been promising .