CAHPI denies permission for a dual member to use InterNACHI's Marketing Dept.

So why doesn’t the member join CanNachi? Oh wait a minute there is no CanNachi per se.

Great glad to see CAHPI has responded to a NACHI letter .
Their closed door attitude just confirms to me that they are very nervous about NACHI .
This attitude does not help the industry to improve .
Their loss is our gain ,This is very similar to CAHPI/Ontario Treatment I received from OAHI at the Carson Dunlop Convention .
NACHI had a good representation and treated all good.
Looks to me that CAHPI/Canada has not grown in the last 14 years that I have been involved with them.
I wish then best for CAHPI and I expect NACHI members will treat them well, unfortunately it is a one way street .

Doesn’t say one cannot put the InterNachi logo on their vehicle along with CAHPI logo.

GEE, CAHPI think they’re the ‘‘finest this side of heaven’’! Too bad no one else does!


Just to stir the pot a bit…

…I remember a time not so long ago when your Nachi membership was terminated (or at least threatened to be) for being a dual (specifically ASHI) member, irrelevent of advertising, logo usage, etc…

…Seems to me now that the shoe is on the other foot, someone is being a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

At least CAPHI isn’t terminating (or even threatening) your memberships!!!

Our policy is that we require “equal prominence” which I think is reasonable. See bottom of

Oh, I am very well versed in that requirement, and it was not the criteria for your demand(s). I would bet there are a few members here that are still pizzed over that, and I am still in contact with others that left over your unfair demands. They grew tired of your BS, as many are today.

No, I will not name names. I don’t need to. Just look at the membership rolls back then, and today. You can figure it out.

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I thought this thread was about the immoral, selfish, exclusive actions of CAHPI?

Thanks for the reminder … Roy

Hopefully CAHPI was stupid enough to put in writing that the member would be ‘kicked out’. You just can’t kick someone out, there is the right to due process, a hearing, and then the right to appeal… even then the abuse could be further addressed by the courts as being unreasonable, agains charter values, BC Human Rights Commission, bad PR.

Post 19 looks bad for CAHPI

  1. Duty to the profession and Association:

a) Members shall strive to meet and maintain the ideals and goals of the Association and the home inspection industry.

b) Members shall refrain from engaging in any act or practice that would be deemed harmful, libelous, or damaging to the Association, Association employees, Association Directors or fellow members.

c) Members shall abide by the Association’s by-laws, Standards and policy documents.
**d) Members shall display the Association’s trademarks, logos and designations in the approved manner only. Co-appearance with other logos, trademarks and designations shall be by the Association’s written approval only and be in compliance
with the Association’s policies. **

Thus the question which needs answering - is the policy across the board enforced or are some designations permitted, in which case it could be argued that the board is acting discriminatorily because it finds InterNachi is promoting or marketing inspector services, designations or qualifications that are fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading?

That is the question.

I wonder is this OK???
They are willing to travel anywhere in the Province to assist homeowners with Radon issues.
Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) website. Here you will find information about radon gas and CARST, a Canadian association dedicated to helping Canadians understand and reduce radon gas exposure in their homes and workplaces.
National Radon Proficiency Program is the leading certification program for radon professionals in North America.

**Background **

Something also to consider is Caphi or Oahi have very few Continuing Education Programs recognised by other Associations. This includes the Professional Associations recognized by Engineers in Ontario and Canada.
InterNachi does and accepts others.

Jeffery Jonas correctly notes:

Agreed. We had 3,600 North American members back then. And today:

InterNACHI also has the highest renewal rate (99%+) of any trade association (in any industry) in all of human history. Renewal rate is defined as percentage of members who joined, stayed in the profession (didn’t quit the business, sell, retire, die, etc.) and renew their membership year after year.

Somebody doin’ sumpthin’ right.

CAHPI’s strategy of ending InterNACHI’s dominance by trying to keep our logos off their members’ brochures is pathetic.

I’ve been reading about CAHPI. BC. and their policy about what members may or .not put on their advertising. This is vintage bullying by the BC association.
They also hassle any members who are also involved with the CanNACHI, ASTTBC or the NHICC. In fact, they threatened to remove a long serving member from the CAHPI board unless he cancelled his registration with the NHICC…he did as he was told.

At the moment the BC. Consumer Protection people are holding meetings including CAHPI, ASTTBC, NHICC & CanNACHI in an effort to find areas of commonality. Through all of this, CAHPI has been pretending to be the only group capable of working with everyone. If anyone needs them, I can provide some names at these meetings who would be very interested in your experience.

Bill Mullen


Could you please have the decency and professionalism you profess you have by removing reference to RHI on your site or at the very least state you are a retired RHI.

You are no longer a member of OAHI, and you are in breach of Pr 158.

You of all people should know better.

Welcome Back Bill I see you are again listed as a NACHI member .
One of the NACHI rules are a person can be a member of another Home Inspectors group but a requirement is to have the NACHI Insignia at least as big as the other groups .
I do hope you will live up to this requirement ,
All the best I am sure you have much info and Ideas that all would love to hear about .