CAHPI had a booth at

I find it interesting that CAHPI had a both at

InspectionWorld takes place January 25-28, 2011 at
the Hilton Atlanta.

I wonder what the advantage was for them to have a booth there.
Did they send down some Canadians to man the booth .

CAHPI and OAHI did not have the courtesy to thak NACHI for the offer of a free both at the NACHI Toronto Exposition

InspectionWorld Exhibitors
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Exhibitors as of January 21, 2011
3-D Inspection Systems**
AccuStar Labs**](
ADT Security Services
Allen Insurance Group
American Home Warranty Company, LLC
America’s Call Center
Asset Protection Specialists
Basement Systems
Bellman Group
Blue Bell Consulting Inc.
Building Envelope Science Institute
Buyers Protection Group
Business Risk Partners, Inc.](
Carson Dunlop & Associates
Casey, O’Malley Associates
Chimney Safety

The soundly defeated are huddling together.