I have Noticed a lot of CAHPI /OAHI visiting the NACHI BB.
I think this is great and welcome you all at any time.
You are allowed to post on most of our BB there is just one small section closed to Non NACHI members.
I have also noticed that some CAHPI Home inspectors are joining NACHI .
Again I feel this is good and the sooner we all start going in the same direction helping all inspectors every where the better it will be for the industry .
Please stay tuned there is so many new things comming that are still in the planning stage that will be great for all home inspectors .
If you have any ideas on how to improve it for all home inspectors Please send them to NICK or if you would prefer send them to me and I will not give out where the information came from .
Many now send me information and I do protect them as I do understand that some times it is important to keep your name protected .

Roy Cooke …… RHI. CAHPI-ON