CAHPI - Nova Scotia... anyone here?


Well, Nova Scotia is quite beautiful. I actually drove down here from Ontario… quite a lovely drive. I have to say I’m shocked at the organization on CAHPIs part. On arrival at the hotel (which by the way is beautiful right at the worlds second largest natural harbor) they are there to greet you, register you and give you a tote bag : ) I fully expected them to not have me on the list as I have found some disorganization here. But thus far I have to give it a raging thumbs up.

So all that being said…

Anyone down here with me? Someone wanna buy me a beer? :eek:

Hi Sean:

I’m here and enjoying it immensely.

Bill Mullen
CAHPI Past President

Was in for the vendor displays tonight, Sean. Home now. will not be in for day sessions tomorrow but for end of day drinks. Out on the town tomorrow night. Might be at Sunday day sessions!

Look me up, guys.

Bill Mullen

Claude tried to direct me towards you last night, Bill, but got talking to Allan Carson…hadn’t seen him in 14-15 years. Will be in the bar at the end of the day sessions today.

Geesh Bill… I missed ya. I got chatting with someone from your area I think he’s also a bill… oh well. The convention was fantastic though. Still a bit disorganized but meh, they made up for it in so many ways.

So I drove down and used the valet parking at the hotel… Guess what happened when I went to get my car back??? Yup… “I’m sorry sir but we damaged your car” Then they had the balls to say “but its a rental right” grrr… 1 week old. This is why you don’t let a 17 year old drive your brand new car! Lesson learned.

Sorry we missed each other…maybe next year in Montreal !!!

The CAHPI Atlantic group needs to be congratulated fo the great job they did. I’ve been at many conventions and there were very few glitches.

Sorry about your car. That’s a pain in the bum.

Bill Mullen

Yes Bill, I tend to agree. The Atlantic group was very good. They were everywhere taking care of things. The food was excellent and the seminars were a very good learning experience.

The hotel was amazing. I’m not sure if they upgraded the hell out of my room because of my car or if all the rooms were like that but good lord, I could have stayed there for a month lol.

They did a great job though. I was nervous going down there but as soon as I got there and saw them at the registration desk everything ran smoothly. ;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-):wink:

“the seminars were a very good learning experience.”

It’s obvious you missed my two presentations then. :slight_smile:

Bill Mullen


I didn’t see you as a presenter. What did you present? I guess I’ll have to catch it on the cds.

The only one that was stupid was a marketing one I went to with that Bob guy from color Tech. Wow, it was a commercial for his business cards. I actually got up and left after a half hour of waiting for the information on marketing. Sorry bob, I’ve already got business cards.

I gave a joint Presentation with Paul Wilson on New Home Construction inspections Sunday morning and in the afternoon I shared the stage with five other old -timers for a round-table discussion about inspection ‘war-stories’.

Unfortunately, as in any convention, vendors offer to give presentations that often turn into commercials. This was no exception. In fact, about a quarter of the sessions were given by people from Carson Dunlop in which they were able to promote their products.

Bill Mullen

LOL Sunday morning wasn’t a great morning for me. (had a few too many Saturday night)… however…

I considered Allan Carson’s position when I went to his seminar on report writing. Knowing that they have “the home book” and “horizon” I was personally concerned it would turn into a commercial however, I found it to be completely informative. In fact he didn’t mention his companies products once. He did refer to his company (meaning the inspection company as he does have several) and suggested techniques his inspectors use but literally at no time did he mention his companies software or hard copy reporting tools. I was quite impressed with his level of professionalism.

Did you have a different experience? I didn’t attend all of his seminars.

The legal one with that Jay fellow was interesting. Obviously he hasn’t had a lot of experience trying to control a room like that but I did get answers to a bunch of questions I had often wondered about concerning our contracts.

Allan is top notch and a pro all the way. In fact, he helped me get started fifteen years ago and gave me advice and opened doors even though he got nothing himself for it. He’s a class act all the way.

However, some of his employees have not been as professional in the past.

Bill Mullen

I would have to agree with ya. I had some dealings there in the recent past and when I didn’t like the information/results I was getting I got in touch with Allan. He immediately put the situation to rest and made everything right.

I had a similar experience to what you say and Allan gave me quite a lot of advice and was extremely helpful.

I wish I had of sat in on that war stories session. I’ll be interested to listen to the cd when it arrives. Again, Sorry we missed each other!