CAHPI/OAHI Conference

Now you can see why OAHI is not getting as many as they hoped to sign up for the Conference at Collingwood… Cookie

**[FONT=Arial Narrow][size=1][size=3] [FONT=Arial][size=2]WOW! I can drive to Georga to ASHI Conference #399.00 plus wife $125:00 =$524;00 and attend a 4 day conference ,[/size][/size]
Exchange is very close at this time $451 cheaper and one more day [size=2]then I can go to Collingwood for a three day OAHI conference $675;00 plus wife $300;00 = $975;00[/size]
[size=2]Hotel Rooms are considerable cheaper then Collingwood.

Welcome to Inspection Odyssey 2007!

2007 Exhibitors Info

Becoming an Inspector


Welcome to Inspection Odyssey 2007! Inspection Odyssey 2007

In **November 16 - 18 2007 **seasoned as well as new Home Inspectors will attend the Annual Home Inspectors conference, at the Blue Mountain Resort and Conference Centre in Collingwood, Ontario.

[/FONT][FONT=Arial Narrow][size=3] **[/size][/FONT]REGISTRATION FEES - In Canadian Dollars
IMPORTANT NOTE: Cut off date to submit registration forms must be received by no later than November 2, 2007 there are no exceptions.
**FULL CONFERENCE PACKAGE **- Includes all sessions, welcome reception, exhibit area, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, coffee breaks and Gala Awards Dinner

  • Saturday only includes, sessions, exhibit area, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and Gala Awards Dinner
  • Sunday only includes, sessions, exhibit area, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks
    **On or Before After
    Sept. 15/07 Sept. 15/07 Saturday Only Sunday Only
    **Member1 $550.00 $600.00 $350.00 $300.00
    Non-Member2 $675.00 $725.00 $425.00 $375.00
    **At the Door Registration
    After Nov. 2/07 Saturday Only Sunday Only
    **Member1 $650.00 $400.00 $350.00
    Non-Member2 $775.00 $475.00 $425.00
    Companion $300.00 (is classified as NON-Practicing. NO proceedings binder will be provided and NO

**[FONT=Verdana-Bold][size=5]Attendee Registration
**• Inspector cost for full conference $399.00.
• Inspector cost for a single day $150.00.
• Spouse cost for full conference $125.00.
• Realtor cost for one day $75.00

See the round table where

And another association that see’s the advantage of treating NACHI the same way as NACHI treats all associations.
… Cookie

Quote: Originally Posted by gromicko I am pleased to announce that A.I.I. (the American Institute of Inspectors) is offering A.I.I. member pricing to all NACHI members who wish to attend their Annual meeting in Portland, Oregon on November 8-12, 2007.

It is so unfortunate that OAHI did not treat NACHI for their Conference
the same way NACHI treated OAHI for our conference .
From some of the information I have received it sounds like the OAHI Conference was not near as well attended as they hoped .
I am sure if they had of asked some of the NACHI Professional teachers might have helped them fill the classes.
Seems like many where disappointed with some of the instructors.
Sounds like they only got about 20% compaired to the NACHI Toronto
Conference .
**Food for Thought **
I wonder would it be a good idea to have a shared Conference next year at a more reasonable price then OAHI charged this year.
This way it would make more sense as Canada is so big all Home Inspectors could get a chance to gather much information and see all the suppliers .
Just my thoughts .

… Cookie


I don’t know who feeds you your information, but the CAHPI Conference hosted by CAHPI Ontario was a huge success, actually better than expected. The Gala Dinner was sold out even before the weekend and most education sessions were full. In fact, it was standing room only in a few of them.

The surroundings at Blue Mountain made for a very enjoyable few days. It was well worth the money. I did not hear one person complain about the cost once I was there.

I don’t often congratulate CAHPI Ontario, but in this event the volunteers created a smashing success.

Bill Mullen

Glad to hear your openion Thanks, To bad you did give us a report .

Obviously you did not talk to the same people I did .

Well thers two bits of information that differ some what.

Off course most OAHI members do not say much as they have seen what happens to those who dare to speak out.

I was told it was to damed expensive , When we see what other conferences cost I think they could be correct , of course the lack of allowing NACHI to attend is unfortunate .
Thanks to Bill for tying to make this happen.
I am sure he did his best.


Hi Roy:

I didn’t have to talk to anyone about the conference…I was there all the time, and it was much better than I predicted. As late as last week I admit I suspected it would be a flop, but they proved me wrong.

Members really aren’t afraid to speak out all that much. There was lots of complaining about association matters, but nothing much against the conference.

I can truly say that I did indeed try to have NACHI recognized in a few ways before the conference. Unfortunately, I am but one voice.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for the effort you put forth on having NACHI at the Conference .
I am sure if OAHI had of followed their own rules it could of had a lot more attend the Conference .
Unfortunately you have told us how great the NCA is doing but never give true figures only your openion .
This again is just you saying how great the attendance was .
Well others did not see it like you do.
I understand a very large % did not pay to get in , of course you know no outsider is privileged to any facts or figures.
We can only go by what you and others have seen.
We both Know OAHI has not given out true information for many years.

… Cookie

It doesn’t matter a bit whether or not you believe me, Roy. I know the truth and spoke the truth.

Can’t anything be said without you trying to make an issue of it?

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill I do not see where I said you did not tell the truth .
All I said was You and OAHI just do not give out the Facts you have evaded the NCA Facts from the get go and still do .
When You get asked a question you immediately attack.
We all know this is Bills way of evading ,accuse the other person of wrong doing .
If this upsets you then too bad it is you who refuses to give information .

…Cookie …a very Happy satisfed NACHI member

We were there in a big way, I’m just not at liberty to explain how. It was a very good event for us. Great food, nice black-tie event (a first for the industry I think). My compliments to all who worked to put it together, I know how hard it is to do.

… and the plot thickens… :wink:

Very Interesting … Cookie

Actually for the record - I wore a gray and black tie to A"word" Banquet. Sort of a mixed feeling venue! Even got to sit the the CMHC reps.

When ever NACHI has a conference it seems many suppliers attendees and staff take pictures .
They seem to filter out from many directions and much information with the posts .
We are in the Digital age and instant information arrives all the time .
I wonder why no information come from CAHPI/OAHI.
NACHI members seem to wish to share there enjoyment and knowledge with all.
What a great group of people at NACHI.
… Cookie


I wonder why OAHI had so many booth at the conference .
They did not seem to have any one attending them to tell those attending the conference what the future is to be with OAHI.
250 attended but it seems that many free admisions where given out .
Interesting as time goes on information continues to filter out…

Gee Bill I like your statement do you mind if I use it too.

Can’t anything be said without you trying to make an issue of it?
… Cookie

Actually its more like…

Can’t OAHI say anything that is truthful?

They lied about Cam being turfed (they said he resigned when he did not).
They said memberships are up when in fact they are not.
They said the treasurery is fine, but no one knows because no one has seen the actual details.
They said there was a $50 admission fee to yesterdays Kingston Seminar when in fact it was free.
They said members are afforded due process when they are not!
They direct members to follow the rules, when in fact the dictators are the ones who are in breach and violation of Pr 158 and the bylaws!

I can go on, but I think you get the point.

As time goes on more information comes out.
It seems we are not getting the information on the National Certification is because they do not want the Canadian home inspectors to know.
They are not getting the results they had hoped for and that is why NACHI Canadian members are being wooed to try and bring up their numbers.
Well there looks like there are other changes being talked about .
The price increase due on Dec 31 2007 might not go through.
The different cost for NACHI members might be changed so they pay the same as OAHI members.
The National is in dire straights on funds and they need NACHI badly .
It looks like there is some people above the NCA who are giving directions big time possible more then one group.
The CAHPI/OAHI conference did not go near as smooth as some would like us to think.
As most know I have been called a liar many times by some of the NCA leaders but you have also seen most information on the NCA has arrived from the NACHI BB and not from the NCA leaders.

Sorry to say the more I hear and the more I see this sounds like whistler to me
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon


I understand OAHI released a Cook Book to raise funds, but they had to recall books because there was a misprint in the title. The title reads “Cooked Books”! :shock: :mrgreen:

Many a true word said in jest … Cookie

What? Did I say something wrong? :wink: