CAHPI/OAHI Conference

I heard Claude could be going on the OAHI DPPC , this would be great as they must be swamped with complaints.
My Charge against one of the Committee members has still not been taken care off 3 years old now.
This never happened when Rudolf or Raymond sat as the DPPC Chair.

The ‘big announcement’ that you keep referring to was made, Roy. I just didn’t bother posting it to the NACHI site because you have no appreciation of good news and you would twist it around to confuse the good NACHI members.

Roy, your fabrications don’t help anyone. I don’t know where you get your misinformation but that’s exactly what it is. If this is stuff you heard at Kingston, it was just fales rumour. There was nobody in attendance at Kingston who has an intimate knowledge of the decisions or intent of the NCA. I do, and I can tell you that you are just plain wrong in just about everything you said in that message.

Bill Mullen

Quote: Originally Posted by rcooke As time goes on more information comes out.
It seems we are not getting the information on the National Certification is because they do not want the Canadian home inspectors to know.
Totally false. The information is out and has been available for a long time. …Where is it
They are not getting the results they had hoped for and that is why NACHI Canadian members are being wooed to try and bring up their numbers.
Totally false. Within a few months we will have more than 300 National Certificate Holders. It may not be as many as we wanted but it is enough to satisfy the wishes of many organizations that have been watching and will be recommending National certificate Holders as the benchmark credential. This has already started big time. It would be nice to see NACHI members apply, but CAHPI is not losing any sleep over it. If they don’t want to take advantage of a great thing, that’s up to them. …Strange we have heard these same words many times.

Well there looks like there are other changes being talked about .
The price increase due on Dec 31 2007 might not go through.
Totally false. It has to go through because there will be two TIPR exams needed and they are very costly to run. The only change that is being contemplated is that some inspectors who belong to an association that has signed an Equivalency Agreement with the NCA might need to only do one TIPR. This has not been decided yet. …Time will tell how well it is going.

The different cost for NACHI members might be changed so they pay the same as OAHI members.
Totally False. The fees can’t be reduced because they reflect the actual cost. If NACHI would agree to an Equivalency Evaluation that could change, but so far NACHI has refused. …Smart association that NACHI.

The National is in dire straights on funds and they need NACHI badly .
Totally false. CAHPI National is in very good financial shape. …Good luck Bill others say differently.

It looks like there is some people above the NCA who are giving directions big time possible more then one group.
Totally false. There are a few who WISH they could get their way, but that just isn’t going to happen. …You should be so lucky.

The CAHPI/OAHI conference did not go near as smooth as some would like us to think.
Totally false. …Bill I guess you where sleeping a lot at the conference.
It was a great success.
As most know I have been called a liar many times by some of the NCA leaders but you have also seen most information on the NCA has arrived from the NACHI BB and not from the NCA leaders.
Totally false. Oops, not quite. Yes, you have been called a liar a few times because you have lied..Yes we know you have and all your statements above are the truth ???..

As far as information, Claude and I have provided an incredible amount of information. .You are kidding only your self Bill…
Unfortunately, the information hasn’t been what you wanted to hear so you either disregard it or can’t understand it.

Sorry to say the more I hear and the more I see this sounds like whistler to me
You don’t know squat about Whistler. The PDI project has been resurrected and will go forward as planned..That would be fantastic but some how looking at all your previous stories …I wonder
It was put on the back burner until the National Certification Program was up and running successfully. CAHPI is now once again working on the PDI program and all who took the session at Whistler will get credit for it. .I do hope so and soon as at the speed it seems to be going many will have retired like you have told us you are…
That’s what they were promised at Whistler and that’s what they’ll get.
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon


.Sorry Bill but I expect some of my information might be not quite correct but you again say I am wrong and give out ZIP…
But I have had more then a couple of phone calls in the last few days thanking me for telling it like it is and how glad that the NACHI site is here for with out the NACHI BB there would be almost no information going out to the Canadian Home inspectors.
Stay tuned Bill I guess you too learn a lot at the NACHI site.
… Cookie, …
Bill fortunately many have learned they can trust me.

I heard that Terry Carson went on a tirade about the National and OAHI at the Collingwood conference. Many members were flabbergasted at his behaviour and what he had to say. Even CMHC reps who were in the audience were taken aback by his tirade.

I have had this confirmed by a number of people. Quite frankly for someone who likes to give the appearance that he is above the crowd, he has shown just how controlling he is, and that is why OAHI is in trouble and why the National is not proceeding because of the infighting within OAHI.

Can you really trust OAHI to do the right things? It certainly doesn’t look that way. I wonder what Mr. Carson would have to say about how he has mis portrayed Pr 158 and the use of RHI?

I have a few interesting questions for Mr. Carson and Mr. Segal the OAHI lawyer. Maybe they would like to respond on this forum?

Gee I wonder why Bill did not hear this

(" The CAHPI/OAHI conference did not go near as smooth as some would like us to think.Totally false. It was a great success")
I really can not see Bill being asleep at this time .
Some how your information is different to what Bill said to me.
Somehow what others have said to me is different to what Bill is saying?
I wonder why?


So you are saying that the fact Terry Carson was spewing his usual drivel means the CAHPI conference was not a success?

Terry Carson is convinced that his Bill 158 work was the best thing to ever hit home inspecting. He also believes that nothing exists beyond Toronto borders.

Get real, Roy. Of course I know about what he said, and I know why. His comments were baseless but not surprising from a dinosaur like him, but they have no effect whatsoever on the conference. I’m sure a few things negative were said at the NACHI Convention but that didn’t make it a failure.

Good grief, Roy. Have you never paid attention when there are Home Inspectors gathered? If there are ten of us there will be twenty opinions about the same issue.

Bill Mullen

CAHPI conference was a success, IMHO.


I agree with most of your comments. Bill 158 does not help home inspectors, it hinders them. It is also full of flaws and has been largely breached by OAHI for years.
However, you are incorrect that the National Certification is not proceeding. There have been obstacles but we have gradually overcome them. Within two or three months there will be more than 300 National Certificate Holders, and about half are from Ontario.

Bill Mullen

Bill you are just confirming what I was told ,sounds like the information I received and posted is true.

("The CAHPI/OAHI conference did not go near as smooth as some would like us to think. ")

  1. No
  2. Turns out that Terrys Bill (Pr 158) is not what it is purported to be. I love to hear his explanation on that one, and a few other explanations. :wink:
  3. Roy, Bill is trying, his hands are tied. There are bigger players and too many politics behind the scenes. :shock:

Thanks guys, :slight_smile:



Got any pictures?

I wasn’t there personally.

*I agree with most of your comments. Bill 158 does not help home inspectors, it hinders them. It is also full of flaws and has been largely breached by OAHI for years.

*Unfortunately this raises serious concerns in so far OAHI has misrepresented the title all these years, knowingly. This calls into question everything else OAHI has done as it relates to RHI and also calls into question whether or not its admissions, examinations, verifiers have been conducting business on the up and up in qualifying members. If they can’t manage to portray the Act as it was meant and obligated to be, what else have they done?

Thanks, Nick. I’m sure your operative at the conference confirmed that fact.

I also feel that if Terry Carson is badmouthing something, it must have something he envies and fears.

To me his comments add validity to the National Certification because most observers know Terry and how protective he is of his outdated views. In other words, if he’s against something, it must be good.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Nick.

Terry Carson’s comments had absolutely NOTHING to do with how well the conference went. He made some comments during a round table discussion. It would have been pretty boring if everyone agreed on everything. Discussion and debate are good things, not bad.

So no, your slant on the conference is wrong. But, in your unfortunate negative world, truth must be twisted to fit your arguments. I daresy if the CAHPI leaders walked on water you would be saying they couldn’t swim.

Bill Mullen

It only leads to more questions…
Like how come we the members have been paying for legal advice that doesn’t appear to have been valid? A Bay Street law firm no less!

Ray I had a discussion many moons ago and tried to convince him I was a better friend then an enemy.
He is the one who has constantly bad mouthed me and called me a liar none stop .
Sure does not look to me like he has only one thing to do with me and NACHI and that is to Using his words out “To destroy NACHI”.
I have various times tried to smooth things over and he can only attack me. A simple apology would be a great place to start.

Long Live NACHI… Cookie

This ‘lawyer’ also served as CAHI’s lawyer (CAHI morphed into CAHPI in 2002) for many years. The day after I became CAHI President in 2001 I replaced him.

I believe this ‘lawyer’ was instrumental in writing a bad document and should be held accountable. I’m sure lawyers also carry E & O insurance.

I am amazed that OAHI still calls upon him for advice or anything.

Bill Mullen

and… what do you do with DPPC matters where it involved complaints that involved misuse of RHI, given that the members was or is entitled to its use?