**Wow 40% have not renewed! 811 members x 40% = 324.4 members
Subject: Spring and Summer OAHI Directors Report 2010

Activities Completed.

· MQS rolled out to Ottawa and SW group.

· Dues Paid to CAHPI paid and full voting membership restored.

· Bookkeeper hired. Bookkeeping now done on site.
· RFI prepared and issued for Legal and Audit.
· BOD training in governance.
· NCP is being redeveloped in 2 stages to be administered by the provinces. OAHI is an active member of the transition.
· Re established the following committees:

Finance Committee – Chair Kirk Iredale
HR Committee – Chair David Leech
Technical Committee – Chair Don Beneteau

· 2009-2010 membership 811 members. Renewals running 40% lower. Total yet to come.
· Submitted candidates for Ludoph award, President’s award, and CAHPI Honour role. Need a nominee for the Stephen Greenford award.

· Applied for standing on the OBC technical advisory committee for the 2012 OBC.
· Successful public relations appearance on Rogers Cable TV.
· Strengthened relationships with the following Ministries: Municipal Affairs and Housing, Consumer Services, Community Safety and Corrections Services, and Energy and Infrastructure.
· Completion of paid inspections contract with the Ontario Power Authority and Green Savers.

Planned Activities for the fall and winter.

· Roll out MQS with a special membership meeting.
· Secure contracts for Legal and Audit services.
· Revise Registrar’s job description based on new MQS.
· Continue to support CAHPI in revising the NCI into a provincially based program.
· Support OBC 2012
· Continuing Education (CE) Policy.
· 2011 OAHI educational Conference set for Feb 25-27, 2001 at the Delta Hotel in Mississauga.


Established by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994
Box 38108, Castlewood R.P.O., Toronto, Ontario M5N 3A8
Telephone: (416) 256-0960 or 1-888-RHI-OAHI (744-6244)
Email: Fax: (905) 771-1079
Web Site:**CAHPI National Announces…… Revised Certification Initiatives **
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National Office
Box 13715
Ottawa, ON
K2K 1X6
Tel: 1-888-748-2244
Fax 1-866-876-9877
2010 / 2011
CAHPI National
Board of Directors

· Bill Sutherland, President
· Mike Guihan, Past President
· Blaine Swan, Vice President CAHPI Atlantic
· Chris Stockdale, Treasurer CAHPI (BC)
· Craig Hostland, Secretary CAHPI (BC)
· Doug McDonald CAHPI Alberta
· Bridget Wingate CAHPI Alberta
· Ian White CAHPI SK
· Gilles Lesage CAHPI Manitoba
· Glenn Gogal CAHPI Ontario
· Kirk Iredale CAHPI Ontario
· Ralph Banks CAHPI Ontario
· Albert Arduini AIBQ
· Cynthia Laforte AIBQ

CAHPI National Announces……Revised Certification Initiatives

In March of this year, the board of directors of CAHPI agreed to absorb the operations of the unsustainable National Certification Program pending a complete review. The intention was restructure a financially viable model for certification that recognized fundamental changes in the industry landscape, including provincial licensing.

There has been a lot of misinformation circulated in recent weeks regarding certification and the national initiatives which CAHPI began in the mid-90’s, and I’d like to take this opportunity to provide some clarity.

Immediately following the decision to absorb the program, a standing committee was appointed, and the results of the efforts of the national steering committee are contained in a revised national certification model. The key components of the new model are:

· A re-affirmation of the need for high standards of competence for the home inspection industry

· A re-affirmation of the primacy of the National Occupational Standard as the baseline for the home inspection profession

· A call for 3rd party accreditation of certification programs to a consistent level of quality

· Adoption of a national examination to verify knowledge

· The possibility of multiple certifying bodies measuring competence to recognized standards

· Continuous improvement and “raising of the bar” on competency standards

This revised model is inclusive, exacting and most important, sustainable. Nothing in the new model prevents other bodies from meeting the National Commission for Certifying Agencies(NCCA) accreditation standards and certifying the unaligned – but CAHPI members will not subsidize that activity.

CAHPI met in Ottawa at the beginning of September with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to outline this new vision and has since taken the following steps toward achieving it:

  1.  Joined the Institute for Certifying Excellence (ICE) as an organizational member
  2.  Signed a letter of intent with ICE’s “National Commission for Certifying Agencies” (NCCA) to have CAHPI certification programs undergo NCCA assessment
  3.  Opened a dialogue with the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (NHIE) to adopt the National Home Inspection Examination for Canada

In addition, two CAHPI provincial/regional bodies (BC and Atlantic) have volunteered to undergo NCCA accreditation of their programs, blazing the trail for others in the future.

This new beginning is the logical next step in a journey that began a decade and a half ago – a push led by CAHPI members to raise standards for the industry and protect the public. This next phase in that journey promises to maintain CAHPI’s position as the leader in the Canadian home inspection industry, and will ensure that CAHPI members continue to be recognized as the best-qualified home and property inspectors in Canada.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this initiative. Your questions or comments can be emailed to Please stand by for more announcements as we move together toward this future vision.

Bill Sutherland, RHI
President, CAHPI National

The reason they only have 324 members can be found in your posts… it’s all administration. Stuff like that is a given. They need to focus on developing membership benefits, business success programs, marketing, and advanced educational offerings for their members.

You can always sucker some inspectors to join an association the first year… but the real way to judge an association is on it’s renewal rate. An association’s renewal rate represents the opinions of the inspectors who have been with the association for a while and know its true value… or in this case… lack of value.

I get an automated report every morning. It is the first thing I read every morning, seven days a week. It doesn’t even include the number of inspectors who joined the day before, but the report begins with number of members who renewed. Our renewal rate is how I can tell that we are doing right by our members.

Thanks NICK I am not satisfied with the existing Canadian associations .
No or very little information is given .
Questions not answered or evaded .
Example (** Who are the founders of NHICC and who is funding NHICC until it can become self-sustaining?** )


Gromicko contends:

And Claude Lawrenson provides documentation supporting the contention:

For those who do not see my address is at the bottom of all my posts .
Like this .

Roy Cooke.RHI.](

Sorry Claude I list my email so all can get in touch with me on all my posts , To simple I am sure you already have my email also . Thanks … Roy

So sorry Claude (“A non-answer…questions are too tough”)

Thanks Claude for your explanation .
This sounds to me like a For profit corporation .
Most Home Inspection associations are not for profit .

So it’s a private corporation…a for profit corporation then I assume? Presumably, the shareholders and or management are paid monies to operate this corporation.

The NHICC website ( says the key stakeholders include “Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, Construction Sector Council and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada” … and, “to fulfill these objectives the NHICC obtained approval of the key stakeholders to reconstitute the National Certification Program for Home & Property Inspectors.”

That sounds like public money being spent or at least endorsing a private corporation? Isn’t NACHI a private corporation?

Anyway, if it’s a** private corporation then certificate holders have no say and no vote in NHICC…only the shareholders do. **
Who woke up one morning and made some private shareholders God Almighty over the home inspection industry?

Much appreciated … Roy

**Finanial statements of all share holder companies or non profit associtions must be filed annually with the government.
This information is made available for anyone that wants to know what they are getting into before joining the Assocition, club, or buying shares. **
**Only privately owned companies do not have to file financial staements. **
**InterNACHI is a nonprofit association owned by the members and can obtain financial statements from the annunal statement filed with the governemnt. **

Claude you are correct I am just assuming .
You and your cohorts have no one to blame but your selves Questions asked and answers not given.
I wonder why people would join a not for profit association that refuses to give answers .
I have said before your group acts like a secret cult .
With the information given nothing adds up.
You make digs about NACHI but at least NICK gives answers .
Nick gives you and others a place to post your propaganda.
NACHI gives more information then all of the Canadian associations by far .
What is your excuse …

You have been part of the problem for many years being a director of OAHI ,CAHPI , and still are a member even though you have said more then once you where not going to renew.
Looks like your word is just as good as Bill Mullens ,zero .

Roy,Nick gives no more information than any one else,when you have worked as long and hard as Claude and Bill M to promote home inspections in Canada,I will be glad to listen to your input,all I hear from you is complaining.
Have these guys done every thing right,probabally not,but what have you done for inspectors in Canada?

Thanks it was great comunicating with you.
Thanks for confirming that it is
(It’s a private corporation, and the shareholders / management will profit from it.

No national certificate holders will have any voice nor can they vote as shareholders / members in CPCC (Claude’s Private Crony Corporation).

I wish you well … Roy

hjannsenn, is your question in post #16 for me or for Roy? I can’t tell, but I’m itchin’ to answer it if it is for me.

Harry why should you a share holder and all the rest not told us from the get go it was a private corporation
(It’s a private corporation, and the shareholders / management will profit from it.

No national certificate holders will have any voice nor can they vote as shareholders / members in CPCC (Claude’s Private Crony Corporation).

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3] Evading all questions are nothing more then a timed delay lie .
Shame on you and the rest of the share holders . Truth is so easy why evade … . I am sure Nick will be able to provide his info and he will not evade like has gone on for many days .
All the best . I too have a private business but do not try and have others think I am doing it for them it is Mine and Chars .