Cahpi wants you!!!!!! (but they don't want Roy Cooke)

and that’s why he’s whining all the time. that and the fact that he couldn’t pass the entry requirements anyway.

Ha ha ha!

From PACHI, to OAHI to nowhere… here’s the end of the trail for the lying old goat. At least your buddy janitor doesn’t charge you any dues huh? Wow! Excellent benefit. Get your name on the internet in three whole places, for nothin’ Whew! Hot stuff!

Nobody gives a crap either way.

I see the real Gil Strachan has again lowered his inspection charge .
I get $399:00 including tax .
He was charging $375:00 .
He then lowered it to $350:00
Now he is $300:00 including Tax and he gives a free wett inspection at the same time .
Desperate or what .
I gave him one last week and he does not like to work Saturday so he gave it too Richard He also gives the free wett Inspection.
Wow! I like working less for more
not working More for less sort of strange way to do things .
I guess that still Better then Poor Dave Bottoms he is like Gil Not a member of any association.

I see McCann does .

Roy Cooke

First of all, who gives a crap what Gil charges, if he wants to work for less, so be it.

Second, why would you recommend him to do an inspection for you when you have nothing good to say about him? Are you not doing your client a disservice?

I did not get him to do an inspecton for me .
Client needs an inspection I was busy so Gil is a good inspector .
We have to many not so good .
Likes should not stop a person from looking after a client.
Useing your words why are you so concerned about me???

Roy Cooke

Jason, the Kook’s just making this stuff up as he goes along. He doesn’t likely have a clue what Bottoms or Stracken do in the run of a week or a month… you can tell when he doesn’t have his wife looking over his shoulder to put a clamp on the silliness before he hits the send button.

He’s only been doing inspections for a couple years, part time and he wants you to believe he’s the old man of the inspection mountain. Bottoms, Stracken, Allen and the rest of them have been around for almost two decade, and they’re all National Certiificate Holders… they couldn’t care less what Roy Cooke or NACHI are up to… much less what Roy Cooke claims to charge for a home inspection. He might think he charges $399, but he hasn’t done an inspection yet, so we’ll see how far that goes!! LOL!

Straken used to promote NACHI with Camm Allen and a bunch of other inspectors until the janitor ripped them off. Roy Cooke is just this year’s puppet. He’s toostupid to jump ship like the restof them.

You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

This post just proves that whoever is posting under this name is not Gil. Gil may very well be aware of what is going on and if he is his credibility just went down the drain. It would appear that more than one person is using this name. Whoever you are, be it Gil or Dave or Cam, you guys are starting to sound more and more like the people you are berating. Where is your professionalism? If this is what the other association is like I am glad I did not join.


Why don’t you mind your own godamn business, you are not even a member!

Either become a member or shut up!

This is not Gil.

I know who it is. Everyone should hit the spam button and lets get this loser banned.

CAHPI/OAHI is running scared considering whats going on with it finances and now that its come out CMHC has been providing funds for course development. The usual suspects have been sent here from CAHPI-OAHI to cause mayhem. For sure Mayhem is a speciality of CAHPI-OAHI they know how to do it well they have been doing it for over 14 years!