Calendar Report # Hangup

I love that the new HG Calendar automatically includes a copy of the specific agreement pertaining to the service I select. Thank you HG!

Unfortunately the current setup requires a report number. Like many HG users I have always used the date of inspection in the report number. The new HG Calendar requires a report # to attach an agreement which creates a huge problem for keeping my records straight. This is because I don’t know what the correct report # is until the inspection actually starts (not when it’s booked). Even if I change my report numbering to the auto-generated one, it still doesn’t work since that # is also date-based. As soon as an appointment is re-scheduled the old report # remains. What’s the point?

Is there a work-around for requiring a report # to book an appointment and/or send an agreement when booking?

A Report ID is required to create documents so any future documents can be linked. You can change the Report ID if you move the appointment to a new date. You could go back to the appointment, move it to the new date, then clean out the report id in there and let it re generate a new one to reflect the date change. I would also recommend to not include the Report ID field in the agreement page because that one can not be changed as it becomes hard coated. Are you frequently rescheduling appointments? This issue should only arise when an appointment is rescheduled. Let me know if I am missing something.

Yes, I am constantly re-scheduling and with the new HG drag-and-drop function and confirmation email, that part is easier than ever.

Report numbers, however are becoming a bit of a nightmare for those of us opting to use automatic online agreement notification (another great HG service by itself).

E.g.: I scheduled an appointment a few days ago. Since I don’t know the report ID yet (since re-scheduling is common) I entered a report ID of “1” to create an agreement. Now I’ve uploaded the report with a legitimate ID. The ID shows up correctly in the report but in the Dashboard list the report ID shows up as “1.” That’s a problem when a client calls me with a question about a given report #. Of course if needed I can look up the report by name or address but then why bother at all with a report ID if it’s not consistent?

Thanks again,

Your comment: E.g.: I scheduled an appointment a few days ago. Since I don’t know the report ID yet (since re-scheduling is common) I entered a report ID of “1” to create an agreement.

Would you think it would be a good idea to automatically change the report id when you move appointment by drag and drop?
Would this interfere with your routine?

When in the process do you enter your final report id? Where in the software? In the appointment manager?

That sounds like a good idea but it doesn’t work because the report ID is (for most inspectors I bet) is based on the date AND sequence. The ID needs to be determined when the report is written. If it’s Monday and my Tuesday scheduled inspection needs to move to Friday, then even if the report ID changes during re-scheduling it will be out of sequence since I will also be booking appointments in between (Wed and Thur for example)

The solution is easy. If the report ID is determined when the report is completed then it will always be accurate and sequential. I write my reports at home after the inspection. If, for example, you remove the requirement for a report ID when creating an agreement, that would work great. This assumes that once the report is uploaded (after the agreement is issued) that both the agreement and report show up together in the dashboard.

For the record, my report IDs are set up as YYMMsequential#. E.g., 16101232 is 2016 October 1232nd report

I’ve had people cancel and/or re-schedule midway through the inspection. I get requests to re-schedule once or twice a week on average.