California approves InterNACHI's WDO course

I’m wondering if the 45 classroom/field hours and 120 online hours I just did in august through AHIT is going to satisfy Ohio requirements when they reopen licensing. I hope so, I paid all that money. Didn’t know about Internachi really at that time or I would have just done it here. Since then I have passed the NHIE and now a CPI and some other certs. Through Internachi’s program. Any insight as to whether this will fly or will I need additional?!

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If within a timeline, it should be satisfactory as I recall from years ago…of course, it may have been changed.

Call AHIT and ask them. If yes, request it in writing via email, or such.

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Your best bet is always InterNACHI. We are the only federally-accredited school in the industry.

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