California Association of Realtors Convention

Good Morning Nick,

Any chance the young lady who’s moving to California as a student and/or NACHI representative will be here in time to participate in this event? Maybe Russ or yourself could attend, time permitting of course…

It looks like their sill adding programs and or speakers to the convention schedule. Sounds like a job for “Super Nick”.

What do you think?


10,000 realtors in one spot at one time within stones throw of the pacific ocean!

No response?


Nick will see this thread then. Like me he doesn’t read all of the threads. Sometimes you just have to submit your request via the to get quicker results or answers to your questions.

Are you setting up a booth, there? NACHI has plenty of help for you if you so desire. Get in touch with Lisa Endza if you want to reserve a NACHI booth, etc. She can help you tremendously.


He’s been posting in this section all around this thread. I’m not at all sure about you, but I know Nick see’s everything. And, as Nick always states, “He prefers the public forum message board over private email”.

It’s a three day event with over 10,000 real estate agents in attendance. CREIA will have organizational staff there, not just some inspectors setting at a fold up table with a CREIA table cloth.

Nick has been trying get a foot hold with the California Association of Realtors regarding continuing education classes throughout the local boards of realtors. This would be an excellent opportunity for NACHI Corporate to expose itself to the California real estate agent community.