California consumer needs inspector to look at a leaning/cracking sound wall. via
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Home Inspection needed for leaning Sound Wall - In Escrow


I am totally reaching right now, but I don’t know what else to do. So, we are going through an escrow process right now with a house we just purchased. One of the “issues” is a sound wall running along the back of the house that is cracking and leaning. We are looking for an “inspector” to take a look at this for us before we close escrow. I don’t know how to google this kind of inspector for my area? can you please help me with the terminology and possibly point me in the right direction?

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Vee Sterling

Sounds like it is running along the freeway. I would try CalTrans first.

I think Scot is correct. If it’s a sound wall, it’s likely not part of the property.

And if they already know the wall is cracked and leaning, they need a structural engineer more than a home inspector.

I concur with the other two experts. ������

We are all in agree-ence. :smiley: