California foreclosures to surge in 2012.

Banks in November scheduled more than 26,000 homes to be sold at California foreclosure auctions, a 63% increase from October and a sign that a surge in discounted, bank-owned properties is on track to hit the market next year, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Good and bad news…just means more POS shacks to inspect!

All those homeless idiots will probably still vote for Chairman Obama. Go figure.

Bring them on…I love it!!!

POS shacks are the easiest to inspect. I will take them all day long

Yep :cool:

Makes for a short report.

POS Home Fixer.jpg


Ahhh a D11 with a trash blade. My old home. Ran those for 14 years

I have a feeling we will be knee-deep in short sales and REO inspections next year.

Leaving the State like Rats from a burning barn just walking away and leaving everything like the grapes of wrath in reverse

Seeing the condition of these “Distressed Properties” its no wonder the bank repossessed them, “most” of the people lived like cannibals.

Seeing how they lived, its no wonder they signed on the dotted line, most should be living in Caves, not homes…there had to be a lack of brain cells to completely destroy a house in the few years they lived in them…thus, also signing the mortgage agreement…lacking brain cells.