California Inspectors Only...Mobile Homes

Does anyone have a checklist style report that you would be willing to share that is specific to the Health and Safety Code Sections 18850 Thru 18605? Some parks are not allowing a typical inspection to be done prior to re-sell. You can email me or call me with your thoughts and of course post so that all can be informed. This is for CA inspectors only, unless you have former experience in this state.


There is a section on this message board for “California Inspectors”.
{Also Puerto Rico, Canada & Texas}

I think that you might find a faster response in that section.

Good Luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have the link?

Paul, he’s referring to . You could also ask over at

HMMM interesting. I know about those boards and they are outdated to say the least. Hopefully someone can come up with the info I need.