California insurance company wants to work with an InterNACHI member.

Anderson, Howard <>
10:09 AM (58 minutes ago)

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Hello Mr. Gromicko:

Zenith Insurance is a California based Workers Comp insurance company that sometimes needs to provide home modifications to our clients (injured workers). While our Claims Reps are good at assessing many parts of an injured worker’s claim, they probably aren’t equipped to understand building codes and what is needed versus what is being proposed.

To that end, we’re looking for a someone that can be a referee of sorts, to look at the proposed work from contractors and provide insight into the validity of the proposal.

In looking at your InterNACHI website, I see you provide certifications for home inspectors. Does your organization have people or networking to resources that can provide us with the services within California for us to ensure our injured workers are getting what they need versus what they don’t need; an advocate to ensure what they get is indeed appropriate.

Is it being over-built, under-built?
Should a $50K home mod really be $40K or $60K to meet the need and be done right?
Are there items being bid/proposed that we should question to meet code and/or confirm need?
We want to meet our customer’s needs but cull out unnecessary work.

A recent example is where the injured worker called and thanked us for what was done but said the contractor “way over built this thing” and they “added items not needed to meet code/requirement”.

If you provide a service such as the above, or have graduates or resources that can do this, please feel free to contact me


Howard Anderson
Director, Procurement & Vendor Management
Zenith Insurance Company

Right in my backyard.

But what constitutes “over built” is way out of any SOP and really a matter of opinion.