California is where the most homes sell above list price.

California is the state with the most homes fetching multiple offers and selling above list price, according to a new report released by ZipRealty.

The report revealed that California had 91 out of the country’s 100 “hottest” zip codes, defined as those where homes were selling on average for most above list price, in the second quarter of 2010. The report compared home sale prices to original list prices based on MLS data within 5,400 cities across 33 markets the national brokerage serves.

Berkeley, California’s 94703 is the country’s “hottest” zip code, with homes selling on average for almost 8% above the asking price, or an additional $45,000 over list, on average.

Zip codes in California, and specifically the Bay Area, remain the “hottest” for buyer demand, including zip codes in Berkeley, Oakland and San Jose.

I agree…I have already completed more HI this year than I did in all of 2009! Going to be a GREAT year!

Sounds great for Realtors and owners! Has anyone figured out a way to have this hot market help our bottom lines? Do any inspectors have a creative way to change pricing related to the homes value like Realtors instead of fixed pricing based on square footage ect…?

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Hi Tim - Charge $100.00 an hour - Averages out to $300.00 per house. Typical house inspection (1500 sq ft) takes 2 to 3 hrs - Min 275 to start - also depends on condition and most the time we do not know the condition of the house until we get to the inspection site. REO’s come in different conditions from fairly good to gutted as you are going to win some and loose some. Many realtors are looking for the cheapest inspection. Many online buyers are looking for the cheapest inspection. Many new inspectors are charging $175.00 for all inspections includes travel, swimming pools etc. It is no wonder our inspection totals have dropped. Some times I adjust my fees to get some work! Inland empire is hard! Good Luck!

I tried to do my part. I had 2 inspectors today at the place I’m buying in Claremont :smiley:

So how did that work out for ya :slight_smile:

I thought you were moving out of state Dom. I would have done your inspection at no charge :smiley:

Yeah, decided to stay local for a little while longer. Neither of these guys would let me pay them either, so maybe I wasn’t helping the economy! But they had a great time learning from each other for 4 hours. I actually thought about having you come out and after Stancyzk said he’d fly down and we talked about having you over. I would have loved to see your thermal camera in use, especially as a lot of work had been done to the place. But I think the agents would have flipped with 3 guys there already (one inspector brought an apprentice).