California to license home inspectors.

Bill Text - AB-1024 Home inspectors: licensing: Contractors’ State License Board.


Of course, they need the “tax” revenue!!

Won’t get it from inspectors. Everywhere licensing is adopted, it’s revenue negative for the state.

I think the thread title is misleading because this does not mean California will require a HI license, only that it has been introduced as a bill.

It’s not even gone to committee yet.

The same bill was introduced several years ago but went nowhere after the assemblyman who introduced it got caught with hands down the wrong set of pants and has to resign from his seat. And has been introduced, I think several times before that as well.

My concern is the bill is vague. There is zero language on what will or will not be part of getting this proposed license.

Anything that raises more revenue to waste eventually is going to get passed. Here in THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA, over a 1000 new bills beome law annually, many of which employ the more charitable term “fees” to obscure the tax revenue raising objective behind the new legislation.

The bill has been referred to committee, with Committee Hearing Date: