Call from a rather dim bulb

I occasionally get calls from a tenant who wants me to inspect their apt. because a landlord isn’t maintaining it. I politely decline those and wish them luck.

But yesterday got a call for an inspection that is definitely beyond my abilities!
I don’t think they had a clue who they were calling.

Ring, Ring…

Me - Hello, this is Tom Witt

Caller - Yeah, you do inspections?

Me - Yes, how can I help you?

Caller - I need an inspection done today, can you do that?
(this is 3pm on Sunday afternoon)

Me - No, I’m sorry I’m not available today, is this for a home or county rental inspection?

Caller - You don’t inspect cars?:shock::roll:

Kids messing with you?

Nope, just a confused adult with some a screw loose!

I got a couple recently too…“how much for an inspection?” “why do you need info about my house to inspect my car?”

I get about 2 per month, tenant trying to get out of a lease inspections…I decline them too, the other thing I get is my apartment had mold, I want to sue my landlord I need to get it tested…not a fan.

Back when I was using Google Adwords, I’d go look at what searches were being put in that led to me paying for a click. By far the best was “vaginal inspections”


I’m certified for that! :wink:

That reminds me of the original RoboCop where the crooks would be sitting around watching TV of a kind of Benny Hill like guy with a bunch of babes cavorting around.

“I’d buy that for a dollar!” was always the punchline as he leered into the camera.

Now we need a hit from the snare drum please.

Sounds like a real dimwitt.

Damn Frank!
How did you ever come up with that you mad comic genius? :wink:

I can’t explain it. Sometimes these things just come to me. :smiley:

Is that what happens when your brain Rotte’s? :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done some car inspections for out of town buyers. It is big business.

ROTFL :roll::eek: long “o”, long “e” :wink:

That was one of my favs as a kid.



I got cousins in my area who own garages. I get about a call every other month to inspect a car.