Call from someone claiming to be with InterNACHI

Got a call from 1-647-490-9828. He said his name was Jay Guy, or something like that. He claimed to be with InterNACHI. Said he handled doing the InterNACHI webinars, etc. Plus, some other digital media bs.

did He want to talk to You about Your car’s extended warranty ?

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Ouch… good one! Should have bought a Chevy.

I got that call, hung up and blocked the number.

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There goes your car’s extended warranty.

I’m sure he is legit. :roll_eyes: Are you paranoid for some reason, Junior?

Nah, he hung up after I started asking questions. :grinning:

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Did you ask him good questions, like about InterNACHI, or really good generic questions? I have some really good generic questions all ready for telemarketers.

What color is your underwear?
What is the average age of your underwear?
Do you eat your corn on the cobb from left to right, or right to left?
Do you wipe you butt from front to back, or back to front?
What’s your favorite number…and why?
If you were offered a free ride to the moon, would you take it? Great, I’m signing people up, let me get some information from you to get you all signed up.