Call of Duty Black Ops II

I am laid up for 2 months healing my shattered heal and am wondering if anyone around here plays

Call of Duty Black Ops II

PS3 Version. I do not think you can play cross platform but I do not know for sure

If you want to play online and have a headphone let me know.

I am brand new to this game. level 1 with about 10 minutes of experience so far but I usually pick this stuff up fast and have been playing First Person Shooter games since they came out.

I think it would be kind of cool if we got as many together as possible and played a few games.

I have not even tried out the 3D view yet. Anyone have any comments about it?


f anyone is interested my nameis MJMS_DAD I am now a level 7 I have played for 31m26s

my position is not yet #1 in the world I am shocked as well. I do not have far to go my current position is ONLY 10251304

Love this game

I bought it 3 weeks ago and have been playing off and on.

My son got it for his birthday and got an expansion pack for christmas he loves it. Me i cnat play it I usally walk around in circles while he shoots me

i am MJMS_DAD send me a friend request

if I can figure it out how to respond that is we could play one day.
do you have a headphone and or do you play in 3D

I Think it would be fun to get a bunch of the folks that talk smack around here and shoot it out :slight_smile:

I know nothing about clan play in this one but back in the day I played early socom with a bunch of guys and it was pretty fun.

I say we ger a Realtor vs homeinspector game going :slight_smile:

anyone with any fun sounding ideas let me know. I’VE GOT MONTHS TO SCREW AROUND.

sry bout spelling and such i am playing

Come on lets have some fun.

If anyone is interested my name is MJMS_DAD I am now a level 7 I have played for 31m26s

They have league play. We could challenge another org of inspectors or a Realtor group :smiley:

It even says you can stream the games live to the internet.

I may just be a big kid at heart but we could fight others instead of amounst ourselves. :smiley:

I would but I have Xbox.


I hope some others like the idea and have a PS3. I think it would be pretty fun and we would likely be pretty good. Inspectors are good at noticeing things and that would help us out as a team.

Mike do you play in 3D?

no 3d, I already wear glasses to play in 2D, i don’t want to wear an additional pair of glasses over my glasses

LOL I understand that :slight_smile:

Not to try and tell you what to do, but do you realize how much business improvements and upgrades you could accomplish in 2 months?:slight_smile:

I have quite a few things on the table. Some work some not.

All work and no play makes Mike a Bored and in pain guy.

Funny thing is a a few days back before xmas when i was in even more pain I opened it and played for 20+ minutes and not once did I fidget with or feel the pain in my foot.

I recently saw a story on the news where soldiers and kids in hospitals are using vid games in a similar manner with similar results.

It immerses you in another world and for just a little while everything is OK :slight_smile: