Calling All brick masons

Being that I am a mechanical person and not in the masonry field if have a question.

Is it possible to replace by chipping out the brick on the bottom course on a wall without creating damage to the bricks above the bottom course and I am referring to as many as 5 or 6 bricks in one spot. Your opinions please

That would be no problem at all Charlie, you could actually make a door opening in a brick wall with no problem unless it is load bearing whereas you would have to make provisions for the load.
Brick or masonry transfer the load of its own weight and the load above it in a triangular motion downward, and surprisingly enough, such a thing can happen without structural impediments.

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Depending on how old and brittle the bricks and mortar are, you may want to consider a masonry blade to prevent knocking/chipping loose other ones not intended…just a thought…what I’ve done.

For sure as Larry points out,. must be lacking in my thoughts, ha. ha.

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Thanks guys
I had an inspection today with the worst case of spalling that I have ever came across, no gutters drip line falling on a concrete sidewalk totally ruined bricks all along most of the home.

Just trying to get a rough idea as to what would be required to repair These bricks had broken into the hollow core.

After the bricks are replaced, what will stop the problem from re-occurring?

Make sure the mortar is appropriate for the type of brick being used.

Hi Charlie,

Back in the UK where 99% of homes are masonary this is a pretty common repair. Quite often we have to install a Damp proof course (DPC) to older structures to prevent moisture from wicking up into the home, in most cases the contractor will remove a single course of brick in up to 3ft lengths. This works just fine so long as the brickwork and mortar above are in good shape, care is needed when removing bricks below windows however.



i agree with the previous posts. the other consideration is the flashing and weep holes and the pea stone that is (or should be) behind the lower courses of brick (if it’s a brick veneer and not a solid brick wall).

Nope Needs guttering

There should be a law preventing builders from building a home without gutters:(