Calling all Inspectors - Book of Defects Contest!

Calling all home inspectors! Take part in JaxHomeSpy, LLC’s “Book of Defects” contest! Email JaxHomeSpy, LLC ( any photo you have of a defect that you have come across for a book I am putting together on defects. Any defect will do- and the most common ones and the most odd/obscure/funny ones will have a great chance of being used. You may send as many as you like. Please include a description of the defect along with your photo, as well as your name, address, phone, and email so that I may contact you for questions and winners. Winner(s) will receive a free copy of the book. Your information will not be shared.
The number of winners will be determined based upon the number of entries received; there will be at least one winner provided I receive enough material for a small book.