CALLING ALL INSPECTORS... JB Inspection needs your vote

I NEED your help!

JB Inspections has been accepted into a “Dream Big Grow Here” contest. It is an opportunity to win a $5,000 small business grant. Stage ONE of the contest is based on popular vote – via facebook! Every person can vote once per day by following this link:
Hurry – voting ends at noon on October 31st. Then the 5 most popular businesses pitch their ideas to a panel of business experts in November! Please help JBI reach the next level of service by casting your vote and passing this on to your friends TODAY!

Thank you for your help!!
Jon Branstad

Any thing I can do to help a fellow INACHI member IS A PLEASURE.:slight_smile:
I wish you all the success.
That prize is enough to help a HI gain some traction.
All the best. Please keep us posted.